Homes for Hackers

Homes for Hackers attracts new startups to Kansas City with 3 months of free rent, utilities & Google Fiber in the heart of the KC Startup Village.

What's the catch?

There's no catch, but you must be serious about moving your startup to Kansas City.

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hack·er (/ˈhakər/)

Slang • A computer programming enthusiast, able to rapidly create complex innovations using computer hardware or software, with little regard for best practices or corporate bureaucracy.

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Hacker Requirements:

  • Move to Kansas City
  • Kick ass on your startup
  • Contribute to the KCSV
  • Abide by the hacker house rules
  • Respect the house, other residents & neighbors
  • Welcome & assist any airbnb guests staying in the house
  • Possess strong technical skills
  • Pay for your own food

Why move to Kansas City?

Great People

Growing Startup Community

Your Impact/Voice

Cost of Living

Startup Runway

Google Fiber

Central US Location

Quality of Life

Access to Capital

Access to Talent

Want to try Google Fiber?

Rent a room in the Hacker House on Airbnb to try it out. The Airbnb room helps keep the program free for fledgling startups.

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Past/Present H4H Startups


Handprint makes 3D printing convenient. Quickly edit & print 3D models from your web browser.

Gamer Talent

Gamer Talent is a community & hiring site for game developers. Looking to find a team and create the next big hit? Create your free profile today!


CyberJammer Network is a subscription service that enables musicians to conduct real-time jam sessions using high-speed internet


LeetNode - A gaming server provider for competitive gamers of Counter Strike: Global Offensive


Dealivr helps small businesses ship products where they want, when they want it

Beehive WiFi

BeeHive Wifi - We design and build the Worlds Fastest 802.11ac 1.6 Gigabits Per Second Mesh Routing Technology. True end to end, Whether its 3 nodes or Thousands of nodes. Our Infinite Hops copper wire replacement technology makes a WiFi mesh neighborhood profitable and possible.

Traveling Nuker

Traveling Nuker makes your life easier as a union craftsman by providing over 50 different union hall contacts for every nuclear plant in the USA

New Appetite

New Appetite is a point-based music promotion and discovery collective where users get a chance to promote the music they think deserves attention.

HandPrint is the eaistest way to download/stream free music from upcoming Hip-Hop artists. With thousands of the free mixtapes/albums and hundreds of artists to choose from, is the best place for a Hip-Hop fan.

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