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5 Best Gadgets For Video Game Streamers

by Mubi 

Best Gaming Gadgets

Thinking to start a video gaming streaming career? Due to sites as YouTube, Mixer, Facebook and Twitch live streaming has become a popular and rewarding activity around the world now. It brings millions of daily viewers. If you are thinking to start doing streaming yourself here are expert tips to set up your gaming pc , you need to have good quality streaming materials to make it big!

Gaming is real fun and streaming what you love doubles it. To get the most out of your gaming experience you need to have the best gaming accessories. Gaming gadgets let you add ergonomics and other exclusive features to your gaming and streaming experience. For the streaming setup personalization, it’s good to go with Logitech G Hub Software for setup personalization to give it more cooler look.

5 Best Gadgets For Video Game Streamers

We have listed some of the must-have streaming accessories that you will need for quality video game streaming.

1. Microphone

If you want your viewers to listen to your streaming for hours, you need to provide them with good audio quality. As a streamer, you have to use your vocal cords to the fullest. Along with that, you have to engage with your audience and respond to their queries. So, if you are still using your in-built microphone or a cheap headset, it is your time to upgrade!

The price for microphones varies from cheap to really expensive. According to us, Audi Technical AT2020USB+ is the best option. It is sleek, small, and has a great built quality. It adds soul to your voice and joy to your audience!

2. Gaming Chair

Gaming and streaming will make you sit in your chairs with the same posture for a long time. You need to have a good gaming chair that will add to comfort for your entire body. Ergonomics chairs are the best options for a gamer. If you are going to spend thousands of dollars on the gaming PC, why not spend a little on the gaming chair as well? Remember, we only have one spine and we have to treat it better.

Respawn RSP-200 Racing style gaming chair is one of the best ergonomic gaming chairs under budget for streaming. It provides luxury and comfort during intensive gaming sessions. It adds ergonomic comfort, lumbar support, comfortable headrests, and 4D adjustability.

3. High Resolution Monitor

You need to have a good high-resolution monitor to appreciate and capture your game’s graphics. As a streamer looking out for a monitor, the most important specification you need to take care of is the screen resolution. Screen resolution highly impacts the audience.

One of the best monitors is LG 27GN750-B. It has a full HD 27” 1920 x 1080 IPS display. It has a 1ms response time and 240 Hz refresh rate. The screen resolution is perfect to stream high-pixel and vivid game shots.

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4. Green Screen

A green screen is a device that helps you to remove the unnecessary background from your webcam when recording videos or streaming games. It can come off handy while you’re streaming your games. It makes your streaming look instantly professional and proficient.

Elgato Green is one of the best green screens you can think of. It has high-quality, wrinkle-free material. It easily rolls back when not needed and rolls on when you want to.

5. Stream Deck

It can be considered a vital tool for any serious gamer. This device helps you map the keys that can pretty much perform any function. The buttons are customized to put the software icons to display that you want to be present at a glance. Stream desks have built-in features that allow you to control OBS, Twitch, Stream Labs, and other programs. You can also use the stream decks to turn the light on/off, control music, open websites, and much more! It helps eliminates various time-tasking tasks during video game streaming and lets you do your job perfectly!

The Elgato Stream Deck is one of the best options for this. It will add a bonus helping you in daily tasks of steaming, photo/video editing, and all the related work. It should be a must-add to your cart.


The quality of your stream determines the number of views you are getting. No million people audience will be looking out for a video with poor graphics or execution. You have to game up your game! Buy the best chair, monitor, microphone, and other accessories beforehand to have years of streaming and a comfortable career ahead! The items we have discussed have received worldwide positive reviews and we are sure you will love them too. We have tried our best to quote the most needed five streaming accessories for a gamer. In the end, your stream is your stream. Think out of the box and get on top of the charts!

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