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6 Things You Need For Completing Your Gaming Collection

by Mubi 

If you’re a gamer, you know that having a complete gaming collection is a must. It’s not only about having all your favorite games but also having the right accessories to make your gaming experience the best. Here are six things you need to complete your gaming collection.


The console is the cornerstone of your gaming collection. The device allows you to play all your favorite games and access entertainment like streaming services. When choosing a console, there are many options, including Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. When selecting the right console, consider the games you want to play, the features you’re looking for, and your budget. Some consoles are more powerful than others, offering higher resolutions and faster processing speeds which can make a difference in your gaming experience. 

If you plan to play many online multiplayer games, choose a console with the best connection speeds and reliable servers. Consider which type of controllers and accessories are compatible with your console since this will determine how comfortable and immersive your gaming experience can be.

Retro Games

For the ultimate gaming experience, having a library of retro games is a must. Retro games offer an immersive and nostalgic experience that newer titles can’t match. Plus, playing classic arcade or console titles can give you a great appreciation for the time and effort developers put into making them. When searching for old gaming consoles, read descriptions carefully to ensure you’re getting the right version and in working condition. Additionally, if you have consoles from different generations, make sure the game is compatible with them. Some retro games may require a special controller or adapter to work properly. You should also ensure that the console and the game you’re buying will be compatible with your current TV and gaming system. Join online communities dedicated to classic gaming for access to stories, tips, and exclusive deals on retro games.


Completing your gaming collection is about more than just the games and consoles. It’s also about having the right accessories and merchandise to show your love for gaming. Whether you’re a fan of classic or modern titles, there is an abundance of gaming merchandise available online. From t-shirts with your favorite characters on them to action figures of classic arcade heroes, you can find something that perfectly expresses your fandom. Plus, having a few pieces of gaming merchandise in your collection can be a great conversation starter when you meet other gamers. It’s also important to consider what type of product you’re getting. Some collectible figurines may be fragile and require special care, while clothing merchandise must fit correctly.

Strategy Guides and Other Books

Strategy guides and other gaming books can be a great addition to those looking to get the most out of their favorite games. These books provide helpful tips and tricks for completing levels and often include interesting background information about the game’s characters and setting. This can make an excellent reference when discussing your favorite games with friends or strangers. Many game publishers have official strategy guides, while third-party authors have covered some titles. There are plenty of options for finding strategy guides, from modern titles to rare classics. You can find a wide selection of guides to suit your needs using online search engines. Furthermore, books about gaming history or specific genres can be a great way to take your collection to the next level.


Accessories are an essential part of any gaming collection. Whether you’re a modern console or classic systems fan, accessories can add practical and aesthetic value to your setup. A high-quality controller can improve your performance in many games, while specialized peripherals like racing wheels can make the experience more immersive and realistic. Consider getting a high-quality headset and other audio equipment for a better gaming experience. Ensure to buy from reputable retailers who offer warranties on their products. You should also inspect the items before buying, ensuring that all buttons, cords, and other parts are in working condition. 

Vinyl Records & Music

Music can be a great way to add soul and atmosphere to your gaming collection. Vinyl records are back in fashion and make a great addition to any setup, with plenty of classic and modern titles available across multiple genres. Many games feature original soundtracks that evoke nostalgia or set the mood for an intense battle. Many games now come with digital soundtracks that players can download, but nothing beats having an actual vinyl record of your favorite game’s theme song or soundtrack. Music isn’t limited to just records. Many artists have also released albums inspired by video games. Entire genres are dedicated to reimagining and remixing classic tunes from beloved games. 

Collecting rare gaming items is a great way to show your love for the hobby and support the industry. With these six essential items, you’ll be on your way to having the perfect gaming collection. Do your research, compare prices, and buy from reputable stores. 

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