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Best Remote Administration Tools (Best RATs)

by Mubi 

Best Remote Administration Tools - Best RATs - Administration Tool

Looking for the best and top remote administration tool and not sure, which one to go with..? Well, no need to worry about it. In this article we have enlisted the all the best RATs that can give you an ultimate powers like no any other RAT can offer.

Remote Administration Tool usually known as RAT is a maliciously programmed software that grants full access to a remote machine to access it without any authorization. It is associated with unauthorized and malicious activity but the purpose to share these tools to empower the users to learn these work and how they can be on the safe side from such malicious tools.

Best Remote Administration Tools of 2021

Explore all the top of the line best remote administration tools;

1. NanoCore

NanoCore is the most powerful and advanced computer RAT ever created for it’s highly powerful functions. It’s fully capable of taking over any Windows based target device with it’s easy to use GUI interface. Nanocore comes with with most unique and explicit features a rat can have.

For it’s highly malicious activity, back in 2017, it’s developer was arrested by the law enforcements FBI and pleaded guilty for building such a malicious privacy threat, and sentenced 33 months in prison.

Click here to download and see complete features.

2. BlackShades

BlackShades is another super efficient and really smart RAT for it’s security, price and dependency. It’s really pretty simple to use for it’s easier binder controls and other great features. Blackshades considered is one of the fastest remote administration tool ever created in history. It’s developed in .NET which is fully compatible with Windows OS.

Click here to download and see complete features.

3. PlasmaRAT

Plasma RAT isn’t any ordinary RAT while it’s a powerful remote administration tool with a client server application that gave RATs a new horizon as Plasma is built in a way to take control over multiple devices at once.. Another most exciting and prominent feature of Plasma RAT is it’s feature to mine cryptocurrencies remotely on the target device like litecoin and more.

Click here to download and see complete features.

4. JSpy

JSpy is one of the RAT which keeps it undetectable by most of the of the anti-malware softwares. JSpy also offers a wide range of remote features like all the other RATs but it’s STEALTH mode makes it much different than the others.

Click here to download and see complete features.

5. NjRat

NjRat is a light-weight computer RAT to hack into other systems. It gives a tons of options that make it different than the other rats. NjRat is a GUI interfaced tools that makes it super easy to use.

Click here to download and see complete features.

You can also follow a step by step tutorial on how to hack a computer remotely with njrat.

6. RevengeRAT

Revenge RAT is a powerful client server based remote administration tool. It’s a remote administration tool that allows user an unauthorized access to target computer devices remotely with a computer. It lets the user to establish connection and  control over remote computers with an easy to use GUI and all the features you need to monitor them.

Click here to download and see complete features.

7. DarkComet

DarkComet is one of the most popular remote administration tool since 2009 for it’s complete Desktop Control that allows a user to control the system with a Graphical User Interface (GUI). It has many features which allows a user to access remote computer as an administrator.

Click here to download and see complete features

You can also follow a step by step video tutorial on how to hack a computer with DarkComet.

8. CyberGate

CyberGate is an advanced powerful, stable and fully configurable remote administration tool programmed in Delphi language. Using CyberGate user can login to the victim’s passwords and can also get the screen shots of his computer’s screen and can do a lot more.

Click here to download and see complete features.

These are the best remote administration tools (best rats) for their powerful advanced features. There’s many other rats but these are the top of the line till now. We hope to see more powerful rivals to this list in the near future.

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