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BlueBorne Download – Bluetooth Hacking Tool

by Mubi 

blueborne download- blueborne bluetooth hacking tool - download blueborne

BlueBorne download the one of the most powerful bluetooth hacking tool for smartphones.

Blueborne is a very powerful bluetooth hacking tool for the security researcher and penetration testers to penetrate into various bluetooth powered devices to gain full control over them. It can attack on a wide range of bluetooth powered equipment like smartphones, laptops, smart TV and all the other IoT devices as well. In this attack, it’s not necessary to be paired with the target device. Instead even it can work on discoverable modes.

This vulnerability and few other similar to this one were found by the Armis Labs which shows a prominent attack vector of high potential. Armis Labs still believes that many other vulnerabilities can be found in the bluetooth powered devices. It can be used in various ways either you use it for good or bad through it’s powerful features RCE (remote code execution) and even MiTM(Man in The Middle) attacks but we are not responsible for any sort of consequences you might face.

Video Demonstration

BlueBorne Download – Bluetooth Hacking Tool

Click here to download BlueBorne full version and take control over bluetooth powered devices without even getting paired.

About the author 

Mubi Ace

August 2, 2020

BlueBorne Download – Bluetooth Hacking Tool
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