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DarkComet RAT v5.4.1 Legacy – Remote Administration Tool

by Mubi 

darkcomet rat v5.4.1 legacy download - how to remove darkcomet

DarkComet RAt is a GUI computer RAT (remote administration tool) used to hack into remote computers and gain access to it without even touching it from anywhere in the world.

DarkComet is powerful RAT that instantly connects to the target device as the payload gets activated on the target device. Usually, remote administration tool is used for un-ethical use. So, use with caution. We aren’t responsible for any consequences.  Download DarkComet v5.4.1 legacy from the below download section.

DarkComet Feaures

  1. Spy Functions.
  2. Webcam and Sound Capture.
  3. Remote Desktop.
  4. Keylogger.
  5. Network Functions like Active Ports. Network Shares. Server Socks5. LAN Computers. Net Gateway.
  6. Computer Power options like Power off. Shutdown. Restart. Logoff.
  7. Server Actions like Lock Computer. Restart Server. Close Server. Uninstall Server.
  8. Many other features… In short it’s a complete package of tools.

DarkComet RAT v5.4.1 Legacy Download

Click here to download DarkComet v5.4.1.

How to dis-infect your computer from DarkComet?

There are several tools which can detect and remove the DarkComet malware. Here’s some of the known detectors:

  • Trojan[Backdoor]/Win32.DarkKomet.xyk
  • BDS/DarkKomet.GS
  • Backdoor.Win32.DarkKomet!O
  • RAT.DarkComet

If a user have installed an anti-malware or antivirus to his machine, they can dis-infect their machine with it easily. Mostly the Windows OS is targeted with this tool.

How DarkComet Works?

When a computer is infected, it tries to create a connection via socket to the controllers for the computer. Once the connection has been established the infected computer listens to all the commands sent from the controller, if the controller sends a command to the target device, the infected machine receives it, and executes whatever function is sent.

About the author 

Mubi Ace

May 14, 2023

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