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Decentralized Application Development: A Guide to the Main Trends in 2022-2023

by Mubi 

You may be familiar with the term “Decentralized applications,” sometimes known as “DApps.” So, if you want to create one, you’re in for a treat! In this article, we will overview the key DApp development trends for 2022–2023.

By the time you’re finished reading this article, you’ll have all the information you need to begin working on your own decentralized application development project and successfully build a DApp. Therefore, let’s begin without further ado.

What Is a Decentralized Application (DApp)?

An application that is constructed on a decentralized network is referred to as a decentralized application (DApp). As a result, the data is dispersed among all of the network’s nodes, and there is no one point of control or failure.

Due to the lack of a single point of failure, DApps are more secure and reliable than traditional applications. Additionally, because DApps are not hosted on centralized servers, it is more difficult to censor them. This increases their resistance to censorship.

Benefits of Building DApps

There are various advantages to consider when you want to build DApp. The capability to make your DApp accessible to a worldwide audience is maybe the most evident advantage. Consequently, there’s no need to limit access to your DApp depending on location because of blockchain technology’s decentralized nature.

The fact that there are numerous options to monetize your DApp is another significant advantage. Users can pay a fee to access your DApp, or you can let them use it in exchange for tokens or cryptocurrencies. Additionally, if you’re seeking a means to make passive cash, you can grant other developers who want to use your DApp code licensing rights.

The potential advantages of DApp development make it an incredibly alluring choice for companies and entrepreneurs. Create decentralized application that offers genuine value to people worldwide with a proper strategy and execution.

Main Trends for DApp Development in 2022-2023

What will decentralized application development look like in the future? In the upcoming years, the following major trends can be anticipated:

1. Artificial intelligence

DApps will depend more and more on AI for functions like chatbots, automated data analysis, and customized recommendations.

2. Blockchain Scalability

The scalability of the blockchain will continue to be a problem, which will require developers to come up with fresh approaches.

3. Decentralized Storage 

As the amount of data generated by DApps continues to rise, decentralized storage solutions will become increasingly important.

4. 5G

The introduction of 5G networks will significantly accelerate the development of DApps by enabling faster data transmission and better user experiences.

5. Decentralized Exchanges 

These will grow in popularity as consumers become more concerned about security. 

Understanding Smart Contracts for DApp Development

One of the skills you’ll need to have if you want to build DApp is the ability to work with smart contracts. These self-executing contracts contain the agreement details between the two parties directly written into lines of code.

The agreements and the code that make up the code are copied and kept on a blockchain, where they are accessible to all parties involved in the transaction. Therefore, there is no need for a third party to function as an intermediary, such as a bank or attorney.

Smart contracts are very efficient and secure because they enable automatic transaction processing and verification. Thus, they are regarded as a crucial component in creating decentralized apps.

Choosing the Right Platform for DApp Development

You need to consider a few factors while picking the best platform for DApp development. You must first and foremost confirm that the platform you select is decentralized. The second requirement is that it can support smart contracts’ growth. And last but not least, it should have a sizable enough developer community to assist you in the development process.

The most widely used platform for DApp creation right now is Ethereum. It has a sizable and vibrant developer community, supports smart contracts, and is decentralized. EOS, Tron, and NEO are a few other well-known platforms.

How to Build a DApp

If you’re interested in beginning DApp development, the first thing to do is select a programming language. Javascript, Java, and Solidity are a few of the often-used platforms for DApp development. After that, you should choose a development platform. The most popular options include TRON, Ethereum, and EOS.

After that, proceed to download the required software development kits (SDKs) and tools. The Truffle Suite and Ganache are examples of this for Ethereum. You must have the EOSIO Java SDK to use EOS. A development environment called TRONBox is also required for TRON. Once that is done, you’re ready to begin developing your DApp. 


Before you start trying to build a DApp, there are numerous skills and elements to consider. Nonetheless, the future development of the decentralized application ecosystem will be fascinating to watch. In the interim, if you’re eager to begin decentralized application development, be sure to keep an eye on the trends and technologies covered in this article. Also, remember that you can always get in touch with experts if the task proves too difficult for you to handle on your own.

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