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FaceNiff APK Download for Android, Intercept Web Sessions

by Mubi 

faceniff apk download for android

Faceniff APK download for Android and start intercepting web browser sessions through your smartphone. 

Do you use internet on your smartphone through WiFi? If yes, then you might be at risk as there’s tons of tools that intercept your web sessions which can result in your privacy loss like confidential information, financial accounts or social network login details. Faceniff is one of these apps that intercept the internet browser web sessions over the WiFi. It is considered in the top list of such tools for it’s powerful features, it even can grab data packets in an unencrypted form which is in plain text to read.

FaceNiff APK for Android

Faceniff best APK  for android download is available for the smartphones to take the powers of this tool just in your hand. It is widely used by the penetration tester as well the hackers and security researchers who ever is concerned about the privacy or wanted to test their WiFi network for different vulnerabilities and it’s authenticity. With Faceniff APK, you just turn your smartphone into a powerful packet sniffer that enables pentesters and hackers to steal the sensitive information or confidential data including the financial details and social network login details via intercepting the internet web browser sessions.

It acts like a MiTM (Man in the Middle) attack. Faceniff is very powerful for it’s functionality and can get success over 80% of the websites which aren’t on the secure layer HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security). It doesn’t mean the secure web sessions can’t be intercepted. This tool works for even secure websites through SSLStrip2 integration.

Most of the social websites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or other brand websites run over secure layer which is a bit hard to intercept. So, to intercept over secure websites, you can use the SSLStrip to force the web browser to revert back to non-secure version or simple HTTP session.

Faceniff Features

  • Export & Import Web Sessions
  • Alerts when finds new profiles
  • Filters the ID cookies
  • Stealth mode
  • SSL strip integration

How to Sniff Packets with Faceniff?

It’s very simple to work with Faceniff for it’s easy to use GUI interface. You just need to follow the below mentioned steps to start intercepting packets.

  • Download FaceNiff APK from the link given below in download section.
  • Install and run Faceniff app once it is installed.
  • Faceniff apk will prompt to grant the ‘Root Access’, just grant it ‘Root Access’ to start working.
  • Turn on interception mode simply by pressing on the ‘Offline’ button to turn to ‘Online’ in the top left side.
how to use Faceniff sniffer
  • Finally tap the big ‘Start’ button to intercept the packets.
  • If targeting a secure HTTPS powered website, then also turn on ‘SSLStrip Off’ button to ‘SSLStrip On’.
  • All set. Now just sit tight and wait, it will start showing all the un-encrypted web sessions.

Faceniff APK Download

Click here to download Faceniff apk best android hacking app for your smartphone and start monitoring your Wifi network.

About the author 

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December 28, 2023

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