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How to Hack Android, iPhone or Computer with FlexiSpy App

by Mubi 

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FlexiSPY is one of the world’s most powerful spying app for mobile phones and computers. It can do all the remote hack things you can expect from a spying app like remote call monitoring, spying on messages, logs, capturing password, emails, remote web cam, mic and all the social accounts like Facebook and Whatsapp etc.

Do all the spying without even getting noticed by the target with it’s advanced Stealth mode. In short this app comes pre-packaged with everything you expect when looking for a monitoring system for your phone.

FlexiSpy Features

  • Spy over all the mobile devices including Android and iPhone.
  • Spy on remote computers and know whats happening over the remote PC or Mac machine. everything that happens on a PC or Mac.
  • Read and Write Messages remotely.
  • Make a phone call or record an active call.
  • Browse Call Logs.
  • Read/Write Contact List.
  • Remote Camera to capture Images & Videos from target device.
  • Listen to the live conversations through remote Mic, and record the audio from Mic.
  • Check Internet Browser History.
  • GPS Locator.
  • Parental Control and Employee Monitoring.
  • More monitoring features.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Explore all the features.

Advanced FlexiSpy Portal

This powerful tool doesn’t come up with any desktop .exe file like the ordinary Android RATs come with, while all the remote actions can be performed through it’s super charged powerful flexispy hack a phone portal from anywhere on the go. Portal includes all the features depending on your purchased subscription, from where you can perform any specific operation on a remote device with easy to use GUI interface.

To access portal, you need to buy a subscription. FlexiSpy offers different pricing plans for each of it’s variant tool.

Why to go with FlexiSpy?

FlexiSpy is one of the world’s top of the line spying app for not only mobile devices while for the computers and tablets as well. FlexiSPY is the best mobile and computer monitoring software because you can read popular social chats, contacts, logs, messages and emails, record browser activity, monitor Android, iOS, PC & Mac devices.

FlexiSpy comes with the top notch features that makes it different than the others. Some of the most common uses of this powerful app are as follow.

Parental Control

As now a days technology have taken over and every kid is using the mobile phones, tablets and computers for different purposes. No one knows while their kids are utilizing the tech or just getting involved in vulnerable activities. Most of the parents aren’t aware of this advanced technology. So, here Flexispy comes handy. It enables parents to keep an eye over their children’s activity. Know their time to time activity what they are doing and with whom they are dealing with.

Employee Monitoring

If you’re an owner of business that involves other employees then this app can be a life saviour for your business. Most of the business get failure for the mistakes of the employees either intentionally or unintentionally. FlexiSpy employee monitoring software enables owners to monitor whats going on their company devices.

How to Hack any Device with FlexiSpy?

Here’s some of the most important things you need to take care before getting started with it.

Note: Some of the Flexispy features requires to root or jailbreak phone for all the features. FlexiSPY also offers a Remote Installing Service for rooting and jailbreaking the phone, install and configure your device.


Follow the step by step instructions on how to keep an eye over your kids or spouse etc. If you want to hack the remote user then you need to make spoof call to make them install the app through social engineering.

Step 1: Buy and Download the FlexiSpy App

As we discussed earlier about Flexispy portal, it’s not a free service and in order to use it. You have to choose Flexispy subscription depending on the features you’re looking for. Note: This app isn’t available on any PlayStore/AppStore.

You will receive a link to download through email which needs to open on a target device which will lead to install the FlexiSpy app. Make sure to download the device directly to target device.

Step 2: Install FlexiSpy App on Target Device

Once the app is downloaded on a target device, you will get a notification. Hit the Finish button and the installation process will start. Give the required permissions to app for installation. As soon as you accept the terms, it will start installation process.

Step 3: Activation

After the installation, run the app and it will ask for the activation code. You will receive this activation code when you buy a subscription. Enter the code and you will be asked either to run app in Stealth mode or in visible mode. Choose to run the app in stealth mode. So, victim doesn’t get suspicious. Note: Do not remove the sim card from your phone during the activation process. Once the app is activated you can remove and change the sim card.

Step 4: Monitor

All done. Now here comes the spying part. You just need to login to the Flexispy portal to spy and perform all the remote operation on your target device.

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