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Hack Your Mind: Tricks to Learn Anything Better

by Mubi 

Hack Your Mind

Neuroscience has taught many things about the working of the brain and how one can retain information. Learning things better is a continuous process that is a huge part of life.

To learn anything better means that you are making the most out of the time spent learning new things. So, how can you speed up learning anything better? There are various tricks that you can use to learn things better, and they include:

Keep modifying learning practices

Learning the same concepts with the same practice repeatedly is often dull. Changing the environment is at least something you can achieve quickly. To learn anything faster, you need to make slight changes to your learning practices to help you master different skills more effectively.

As a result, you will perform better at the skills you were learning because the brain can easily connect the different experiences gained from the learning. This method works if and only if the modifications being made are minor.

Trust some of your tasks to professionals

Sometimes college life can be full of assignments and other related projects.If you need to write a term paper and read a book simultaneously, you can entrust the essay writing of your term paper to a pro essay writer service StudyClerk. They offer an excellent content writing service that will not only maintain your grade but will enlighten you after going through it before submission. As a result, you won’t get bored of working on too many assignments using the same method you have used for an extended period.

Writing services offer a great way to relieve education stresses that are often associated with a lack of enough time to complete the same learning practice. Students who use these services tend to perform better than those that use their skills even when things are not adding up.

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Takes short notes

Learning anything better requires a lot of involvement. It’s not just reading a whole book word by word and then claiming that you have understood everything. Taking short notes is one of the best ways to learn anything better.

Instead of typing the notes, ensure that you jot down important points. Research shows that jotting down notes instead of typing offers an excellent way to retain information for a long time. It may appear slow and cumbersome, but it’s one of the most effective ways to learn anything better.

Distributed practice

Studying a lot of things simultaneously is a recipe for getting confused. The distributed practice involves breaking down the topic and distributing it over various sessions in the timetable. Short, spaced-out learning sessions offer a more meaningful way to learn things better than a long session of cramming.

Ensure that you take thorough short notes when the topic is being taught. Then take a few minutes later to go through them. If possible, make some additional changes for the explanations’ accuracy.

Adequate sleep

There is a very close correlation between sleeping and grasping new concepts. That doesn’t mean anyone who sleeps too much can learn things better, nor does it mean that you will get most of the things if you sleep less and read a lot. It’s all about the desire to learn things better and regular sleeping patterns.

Staying up too late trying to understand will surely get rewarded, but that’s not the most effective way to understand concepts easily. In most cases, you will always feel exhausted the following day, and you won’t concentrate effectively. Getting enough sleep bolsters how the brain remembers things faster.

Learn things in multiple ways

Learning things in multiple ways ensures that you are using more brain regions to store the information you are learning about the topic. As a result, the information in the brain will get more interconnected and embedded in the brain. It works by creating redundancy of knowledge within the brain, not just memorizing things.

You can read the notes, play videos, read other textbooks, or listen to audio files related to the topic you are trying to understand. Using the apps for student learning can be a great way to experience multiple ways of learning things. The more resources you are involved in the learning practice, the faster the rate of learning anything that you want.


How faster you will understand the concept being outlined depends on how effectively you have mastered some of these tricks. And this means you have to keep several tricks to understand things better and faster.

Author’s Bio

Cory Shilling works as a content writer for a media house. He’s been handling A-list clients since his first job after college and that gives him an edge as a writer who creates essays, academic papers, blogs and video scripts. His hobbies include hiking, glass painting and watching action movies.

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