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Hackode APK Download for Android – The Hacker’s Toolbox

by Mubi 

Hackode APK Downoad for Android

Hackode APK Download Free – Hackode is one of the best Android tool for pen-testing. Hackers can use this application for wide range of security research. 

Hackode APK is capable of performing all the penetration testing things on the go. It enables user to do deep pen-testing on your mobile phone. Security researchers and pentesters can do stuff like Scanning, Reconnaissance, SQL Injections and DNS lookup, Google Dorks and etc by this Hackode tool. Even this tool can be used to hack remote devices like Metasploit.

Hackode is an easy to use GUI interfaced app that even a non-tech user can use without a problem. If you face any issue how to use it, you can even explore various Hackode tutorials. Note if you want to use this app on your laptop, you need to install an Android emulator first.

Hackode Features

Hackode offers many exciting features on the go, some of the main features are listed below;

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  • Google Hacking Dorks: Google Dorks are the strings that used for looking up vulnerable sites with some security loopholes. Hackode android hacking app gives access to the most popular Google dorks list to find out non-secure websites easily.
  • SQL Injection: It’s a very popular method for hacking websites and apps. This works on the websites databases to find out the user login details. To perform SQL injection attack on a website, first you need to find a SQL vulnerable webpage where this attack can be exploited. With the help of Hackode, user can easily find and perform SQL injection on sites.
  • DNS Dig: It helps to find out the website’s DNS server to avoid the scanning process and can easily do the DNS hijacking with it.
  • PHP Config: As you find vulnerable websites, can execute PHP files on it remotely with this tool.
  • WHOIS Lookup: It gives information about the website domains and provide all the necessary information about it like registrar, server and email etc.

Hackode APK Download

Click here for Hackode APK download.

About the author 

Mubi Ace

May 14, 2023

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