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Here’s Why You Should And Should Not Use Chatbots As A Mean Of Customer Service

by Mubi 

Customer service plays an important role in improving brand communication and loyalty within the clientele. However, methods of communication must be improved so that customer care can truly connect with the customers.

In doing so, many companies often adopt chatbots since adding them to the existing methods allows them to share the burden and acquire a certain advantage. That’s what we’re here to see: how chatbots can provide performance perks to customer support.

We shall be looking at some of its perks and some downgrades faced with its implementation, making it easier for us to decide in the end. So, let’s get started:

Pros Of Using Chatbots

Here are some of the amazing perks that chatbots offer:

Easily Available to Clients

One of the best things about chatbots is that it’s easily available to the customers. There are times when the support is too busy to respond and cannot entertain all queries. This often happens when there’s immense traffic of customers.

For instance, Hughesnet is a well-reputed internet company in the US that stands out because of its top-notch customer service and widespread coverage. Hughesnet servicio al cliente en español is ahead of the game, when it comes to impressive customer support, outstanding performance, and real-time response, 24/7. However, what if you’re not a client of Hhughesnet or the support you’re reaching for turns out to be busy?

Here chatbots are available to entertain your queries. You can easily connect with the bot, ask questions, get an answer or request to be connected with a representative as soon as one is available. It’s simple and makes entertaining clients easy.

Can Be Embedded With Self-Service Options

Again, when connecting with a chatbot, customers can get solutions through the options offered by the bot. Companies can add various solutions and options based on the number of queries or issues received.

In this way a catalog of responses for certain generic issues will be created, making it easier for customers to find a solution that fits best. It reduces the time for customers to reach representatives for a solution as well as minimizes unnecessary support calls, ultimately reducing the burden on the support team.

Can Be Used For Marketing Purposes

Chatbots are great for helping customer service and communicating with them. However, they’re also useful for promoting services and products. What if the client complains about slow internet service?

The bot can add in an ad for the latest packages or discounts offered by the company. Achieving clicks is the primary concern and if the bot can generate such clicks, then ultimately the company is generating leads, making their campaigns effective.

Cons Of Using Chatbots

We’ve seen some ways in which chatbots can provide some compelling benefits in terms of customer communication. However, it has some downgrades that must be considered before completely implementing and depending on its performance. Let’s see them now:

No Personalized Experience

One of the many reasons why most companies don’t bother to use chatbots is that it negates the meaning of support services, which is offering a personalized experience. A bot will only be offering limited responses.

In addition, it won’t tackle anything else out of its context and won’t show any emotions, unless they’ve been added. This reduces the personalized touch that can be provided via representatives.

Needs Effective Learning Approaches

As mentioned earlier, chatbots will need updates to understand queries and address the issue. However, it would need machine learning to analyze and learn from customer experiences. That kind of sophistication would be needed on a larger scale of support since it’s fairly technical and will perhaps cost a lot!

Can Misunderstand Queries

Again, the lack of understanding of different queries will result in misunderstanding. Most chatbots that are being used have closed-ended options. These allow the bots to get limited responses, making it easier for them to register only limited input, offering limited results.

It’s good, especially in terms of carrying out a feedback survey. But if you’re using it for offering support services, then it may not be a good idea since clients won’t be able to express themselves completely.

Final Verdict

Based on the pros and cons illustrated above, it can be said that chatbots are advantageous to some extent. It can be used where:

  • Clients have limited queries
  • Looking for specified information
  • Have specified issues
  • Can wait even if not connected with a representative
  • Willing to provide feedback

However, it’s not a good option to use chatbots in the following scenarios:

  • Emergency or situations requiring immediate responses
  • Customers answering in unknown responses
  • Customers looking for an issue other than those mentioned
  • Customers looking for personalized experiences
  • Companies that don’t have ample budget for improvements

Alternatives To Use

Even though chatbots seem an amazing option to add for customer service communication, some of their limitations make it a hassle to be added and used. However, certain other alternatives can be opted for that will compensate or perhaps provide better utility than chatbots.

For starters, live chats are great for communicating with the customers. In this way, customers will be visiting your website and its pages. However, it again needs a representative to be available, which is somewhat a drawback.

Using text messaging is a good alternative since it’ll give a personalized experience that is absent in chatbots. However, the delay in replies can frustrate the customer, which should be avoided at all costs.

Ending Thoughts

Well, based on what we’ve discussed above, it’s safe to say that chatbots are a great tool for communication, especially when used for customer support. It reduces the burden on the representatives, tackles a chunk of queries and issues, and makes it easier to respond after some time.

However, it does take a toll with its non-personalized way of interaction, unable to identify customer behavior, and inability to provide quick solutions. These should be kept in mind while implementing it so that any pertaining dangers can be avoided.

About the author 

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