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What Is A Phone Virus? How To Clean Your Phone From Virus?

by Mubi 

How to clean your phone from virus?

A phone virus is like a tiny, sneaky software that can harm your smartphone or tablet. It’s made to cause trouble on mobile devices. Let’s learn more about phone viruses in this article.

A phone virus is like a tiny bug that can mess up your phone or tablet. They can make your device act strange, take your personal information, or do other bad things. These bugs usually come from bad apps, emails, websites, or text messages. Be careful what you download or click on to avoid them!

When a phone virus gets inside your phone, it can do really mean stuff like looking at your private stuff, watching what you do, and even sending messages that cost a lot of money without you knowing. Some very tricky viruses can take over your phone completely and do whatever they want. So, it’s important to be careful and have protection to keep these bad things out of your phone!

Before we learn about the different types of phone viruses and explore “how to clean your phone from virus,” let’s first understand the nature of a phone virus.

What is a phone virus?

What is a phone virus?

A phone virus is like a sneaky computer bug but for phones and tablets. Bad people make these bugs to mess up your phone or tablet. These bugs can do different harmful things, like spying on your messages or messing with your apps. They’re made to trick your phone or tablet and can be really tricky to get rid of. So, it’s important to be careful about what you download and have special programs to protect your device from these sneaky bugs!

A phone virus can get into your device in a few sneaky ways. Sometimes, they come from apps that you download from places that aren’t safe. These apps might look okay, but they secretly have bad stuff inside that can harm your device. Phone viruses can also come from tricky emails that try to fool you into clicking on bad links or opening bad files. And sometimes, they can sneak in through tiny holes in your device’s system without you even realizing it. So, always be careful and check before you click or download anything!

When a phone virus infiltrates your device, it can cause significant harm. Certain viruses are capable of stealing crucial information like passwords and credit card numbers, which malicious individuals can misuse to impersonate you or make unauthorized transactions. Others can invade your privacy by monitoring your activities, such as your location and app usage. Additionally, these viruses can slow down your device, cause frequent crashes, or consume your internet data, leading to additional costs.

What are the different types of phone viruses?

A phone virus is like a tricky bug that can harm your device. There are different kinds of these bugs, each with their own sneaky plans. You need to know about them so you can be careful and protect your device.

What are the different types of phone viruses?

  • Malicious apps
  • Trojan horses
  • Worms
  • Spyware
  • Ransomware

Malicious apps:

Bad apps made by bad people are like traps for your phone. These apps look real, but they secretly have harmful stuff inside. When you download them, they can mess up your phone, take your private info, or control your device without you knowing. It’s really important to be careful and only download apps from safe places like official app stores to keep your device safe.

Trojan horses:

Trojan horses are like sneaky spies that pretend to be friendly, but they’re actually bad. In phones, they can hide in apps or emails that seem safe. Once inside your device, they can take your secrets, change your files, or let bad people control your device from far away. Trojans trick you by pretending to be nice apps. So, always be careful, and don’t download things or click on links from people or places you don’t know!


Worms are like fast-spreading computer bugs that can move from one device to another all by themselves. Unlike viruses, they don’t need you to click on anything. In phones, they find weak points in the device’s system and copy themselves to other devices, making them slow down or even stop working. To stay safe from worms, it’s important to update your phone and apps regularly because the updates fix those weak points and keep the worms out!


Spyware is like a sneaky detective in your phone. It secretly watches everything you do, like your messages and calls. Bad people use this information for stealing and doing mean things. Spyware usually comes from unsafe apps or weak spots in your phone. To stay safe, you should check your phone with good safety tools and only get apps from safe places, not strange websites!


Ransomware is like a digital kidnapper for your files. It locks up your important stuff on your phone and asks for money to set it free. This bad software spreads through tricky emails or unsafe websites. To stay safe, always keep copies of your important files somewhere safe, don’t click on strange links or download weird things, and make sure your phone and apps are always up to date. That way, the ransomware can’t get in!

What do phone viruses do?

Phone viruses are like sneaky computer bugs made to mess up your phone or tablet. They can do bad things like taking your stuff, letting strangers in, or making your device act weird. It’s important to be careful and protect your device from these tricky bugs!

What do phone viruses do?

  • Data theft
  • Privacy invasion
  • Financial exploitation
  • Device disruption
  • Remote control and extortion

Data theft:

Phone viruses want to take your important stuff from your device, like your messages, contacts, and passwords. Bad people use this info to pretend to be you or take your money. These viruses often go for apps where you do banking, so they can steal your credit card info or use your money without your permission. So, always be careful and keep your personal info safe!

Privacy invasion:

Phone viruses can be like nosy spies, watching what you do on your phone. They can see where you go, which apps you use, and even listen to your conversations. This is really bad because these sneaky viruses can share your private info with bad people. They might use this info to bully you or do other mean things. It’s really important to keep your phone safe and not let these viruses in!

Financial exploitation:

Some phone viruses are like sneaky thieves and they can cost you money. They might send messages or make calls that you have to pay a lot for, or they could use apps on your phone to buy things without your permission, taking money from your bank account. This can make you lose a lot of money and feel really upset. So, it’s super important to keep your phone safe from these tricky viruses.

Device disruption:

Phone viruses are like little troublemakers that can make your device act weird. They can make it really slow, cause apps to crash a lot, or even stop you from using the internet. Sometimes they overload your device, making it freeze or stop working completely. This is not only annoying but can also make it hard to do normal things on your phone or tablet. So, it’s important to be careful and keep your device safe from these pesky viruses.

Remote control and extortion:

Some smartphone viruses can let bad people control your device from far away. These people might lock you out of your own phone, hide your files, or even say they will share your secrets unless you give them money. They use your fear of everyone knowing your personal stuff to make you pay up. These viruses allow them to do whatever they want with your phone, which is really bad. So, it’s super important to protect your device and not let these viruses in!

What causes a phone virus?

It’s really important to know why phone viruses happen so we can keep our devices safe. There are different reasons, like how people use their phones and problems with the phone’s software. By understanding these reasons, we can better protect our phones from these sneaky viruses!

  • Unverified app downloads
  • Phishing attacks
  • Outdated software
  • Sideloading apps
  • Device jailbreaking or rooting

Unverified app downloads:

One big reason phones get viruses is when people download apps from places that aren’t safe. These places might have fake apps that look real but are actually bad. When you download these apps, you’re letting in harmful software to your phone. To stay safe, always get apps from trusted places like Google Play Store or Apple App Store. They check apps to make sure they’re safe before you download them!

Phishing attacks:

Phishing is like a sneaky trick online. Bad people pretend to be nice and send emails or messages, asking you to click on links or open files. But if you do, you might let harmful stuff into your device. It’s really important to be careful and not trust everything you see online. Always double-check before clicking on any links or opening files from people you don’t know!

Outdated software:

Old phone software is like leaving a door open for phone viruses. These viruses look for the weak spots in your phone, and if you don’t update it, they can get in more easily. So, it’s important to make sure your phone and all the apps on it are always up to date. This is like putting strong locks on your doors to keep the viruses out!

Sideloading apps:

Sideloading means getting apps from places that aren’t the usual app stores. While it can be helpful, it can also be risky. Apps from these places might have harmful stuff in them because they don’t go through the same safety checks. So, if you sideload apps, be really careful and only get them from places you know are safe, like the official app stores. That way, you avoid getting bad software on your device!

Device jailbreaking or rooting:

Jailbreaking (for iPhones) or rooting (for Android phones) means breaking the rules set by the phone’s creators. It lets you do more with your phone, but it also takes away important safety features. Phones that are jailbroken or rooted can easily get harmful apps that can mess up the phone. So, it’s best not to do this unless you really know what you’re doing and are okay with the risk of making your phone less safe.

How do I know if my phone has a virus?

How do I know if my phone has a virus?

It’s really important to find out if there’s a virus on your phone to keep your info safe and your phone working well. Some signs can show if there’s a virus, and noticing them helps you stop the virus from causing problems!

  • Unusual battery drain and overheating
  • Slow performance and unresponsive apps
  • Unexpected data usage and increased data bills
  • Pop-ups and unwanted advertisements
  • Unexplained charges and activity
  • Strange or unknown apps

Unusual battery drain and overheating:

If your phone’s battery dies really quickly or feels very hot even when you’re not using it, there might be a virus. Bad apps hiding in your phone can use a lot of power and make it hot. So, if your phone acts strangely, it’s important to check for a virus to keep your phone safe!

Slow performance and unresponsive apps:

Phone viruses can make your device act strange. If your phone is suddenly slow, apps take a long time to open, or your phone keeps freezing, it might have a virus. This happens because the bad software inside your phone uses up its energy, making it work poorly. If this keeps happening, it’s a good idea to check your phone for viruses to make it run smoothly again!

Unexpected data usage and increased data bills:

Some bad software in your phone can use up a lot of data without you knowing. If you see your data usage suddenly go way up, it might mean a virus is showing ads or doing things in the background. This can make your phone bill more expensive. To catch this early, it’s good to keep an eye on your data usage and check for any strange changes.

Pop-ups and unwanted advertisements:

If you keep seeing lots of ads or pop-ups on your phone, even when you’re not using certain apps, it might mean there’s a virus. These ads can be annoying and make your phone hard to use. If this happens a lot, your phone could be infected. Don’t click on these ads, they might make the virus problem worse or trick you into giving away personal information!

Unexplained charges and activity:

If you see strange charges on your phone bill or apps you didn’t buy, a virus might be the cause. This bad software can make your phone send messages or buy things without you knowing, costing you money. Always check your bill and app purchases to make sure there’s no funny business. If you find anything weird, tell your phone company right away.

Strange or unknown apps:

Look at the apps on your phone. If you see any that you didn’t put there or don’t recognize, be careful. Sometimes, bad software pretends to be normal apps. Also, when you install apps, be careful about giving them permission to do things on your phone. If you find strange apps, delete them right away and check your phone with a safety scan to make sure everything’s okay.

How to clean your phone from virus?

If you think you have a phone virus, you need to act fast to get rid of it and keep your phone safe. Here are steps you can follow to clean your phone from viruses effectively:

  • Disconnect from the internet
  • Restart your phone in safe mode
  • Identify and uninstall suspicious apps
  • Update your operating system and apps
  • Install a reputable antivirus app
  • Clear browser data and cache
  • Restore your phone to factory settings (optional)

Disconnect from the internet:

If you think your phone has a virus, the first thing to do is turn off the internet. This stops the virus from doing more damage or talking to other bad stuff online. Just switch off Wi-Fi and mobile data on your phone!

Restart your phone in safe mode:

Safe mode is like a special way to start your phone that stops bad apps from working. It helps you find and remove the bad apps without any problems. To get into safe mode, you might have to press the power button and then hold down “restart” or “power off” until a message about safe mode appears. It’s a useful tool to fix your phone!

Identify and uninstall suspicious apps:

When your phone is in safe mode, go to settings and find the list of apps you have. If you see any apps you don’t recognize or remember installing, delete them right away. This helps get rid of the bad software. Always be careful and check if you’re not sure about an app before you keep it!

Update your operating system and apps:

Make sure your phone and all its apps are always updated. Developers send these updates to fix problems that bad software might use. To do this, go to your phone’s settings, find “system” or “software update,” and see if there are any updates available. Also, update all your apps from the official app store. This keeps your phone safe and working well.

Install a reputable antivirus app:

Get a good antivirus app for your phone from the app store. Use it to check your phone for any leftover bad stuff. If it finds anything, follow what the app says to get rid of it. Also, don’t forget to update the antivirus app regularly so it can keep protecting your phone from new threats!

Clear browser data and cache:

Sometimes, bad software attacks web browsers. To keep your browser safe, go to your phone’s settings, find the browser app, and clear things like cookies and history. This helps get rid of the bad stuff and keeps your browser safe from harmful software.

Restore your phone to factory settings (optional):

If the bad stuff won’t go away, you can reset your phone, but be careful! This erases everything, so save your important stuff first. To do this, go to your phone’s settings, find “system” or “general management,” then choose “reset.” Pick “factory data reset” and follow the steps on the screen. Just remember, it’s like starting over, so only do this if you really have to!


Knowing about phone viruses is super important to keep our phones safe. These viruses can be like sneaky robbers, stealing our important stuff and privacy. If we understand how they work, we can be smart and do things to stop them, like only getting apps from safe places and not clicking on strange links. Keeping our phone’s software updated is also a good way to stay safe!

In our digital world, it’s really important to be careful with our phones. We should be smart about the apps we download, be safe when we use the internet, and always update our phone’s software. By doing these things, we can keep our phones and our personal info safe. Being aware, and careful, and making sure our phones are secure helps us stay protected from online dangers!

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