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How to Hack a Phone – Methods that Actually Work

by Mubi 

How to Hack a Phone

In today’s world, phones have taken place over the computers by enhancing the communication on the go. From making a video call to your loved ones to transferring funds around the globe within just a fraction of minutes. Everyone uses smartphones for their specific needs. Someone uses it to communicate with their loved ones and some uses for their business needs which also involves confidential data which can put the person in risk if data gets in the wrong hand. With this advancement, threat to privacy also have increased to an extent.

I hope this thought never knocked at your door. That’s the reason we are writing this article to demonstrate how easily a phone can be hacked with just some without even touching it from a remote location. Attacker can perform all the functions like spying on the chats, social networks, hear the calls, spy through video and mic.

Did you ever try to hack in to someone’s phone to spy on their messages, calls or anything else you love to do remotely? Wanted to monitor your child’s smartphone activity? If yes, here’s I will show you how to hack a phone remotely.

How to Hack a Phone – Methods that Work

We’re writing and sharing this tutorial just for the security researcher, enthusiasts and learners to know how it works and how easily smarthphone can be hacked. If you are a parent and might wanted to keep an eye on your child’s internet activity, well you can do that also. Learn how to hack a phone.

Note: This article is only for educational use.

There’s various ways a phone can be hacked. Some of ’em require physical access to the phone and some works remotely that even someone can break into it without touching it. Some paid and free tools are available in the market that makes it really easy to get into a remote device.

1. Remote Administration Tools for Smartphones

Most of you might be unfamiliar with the term remote administration tools also known as RAT. Well, RATs are used to gain un-authorized access to a device without the owner’s permission. This is usually used for un-ethical use. We do not recommend to use it unless it’s for ethical use.

There’s tons of android RATs in the market that let anyone hack into someone’s phone without their acknowledgement. Some of the best android remote administration tools are listed below;

  1. AndroRAT
  2. DroidJack
  3. SpyNote
  4. SpyMax
  5. OmniRAT
  6. DenDroid
  7. AyMyth

These are the top of the line android rats for their powerful features and operations one can perform. If you’re a non-tech guy and don’t know how these tools work. Well, we have already made some tutorial on how to hack a phone using these tools. You can explore AndroRAT tutorial, how to hack using DroidJack and Spynote tutorial as well.

We just enlisted the best of all by their features. There’s tons of more in the market you can search for.

Well moving to the second way of hacking a phone remotely.

2. Spying Apps

Now a days, as privacy is concerned and the entrepreneurs have availed this as an opportunity and introduced many spying apps in the market which do the all of the hard stuff for you. You just need to buy the app and install it in your target or kid’s phone and start monitoring their activities in the app web based control panel.

Everyday new apps are coming to make it easier for the parents to see their kids phone activity. So, it’s a bit hard for everyone which one is a good app to go with. Well, here’s some of the top apps that can do the best for you.

  1. FlexiSPY
  2. XNSpy
  3. MSpy

These aren’t the only apps available in the market but in our opinion these are the top of the line one can go with for spying purpose.

FlexiSpy is the one that supports multi-OS devices like Android phones, iOS, Windows and Mac PC as well. You can check out the detailed flexispy review.

How to Secure & Remove Spy Apps from your device?

Most of the spying apps are installed into your phone without the owner’s authorization. For a non-tech user, it’s quite hard to find which one is the spying app on their phone as these apps hide in pretty well crafted way. Here’s a few simple ways, you can check and secure your phone from spy apps.

  • Install an Antivirus or Anti-Malware app on your device. Most of the spy apps get detected by these anti-malware apps.
  • First way is to track the data usage. To track the data, you can install GlassWire app on your phone which keeps monitoring when the spy app sends data to it’s host. This is the most preferrable way to check it the spy app is installed or not. Secondly, these spy apps even can dodge the antiviruses, so tracking data can let you know if there’s any un-usual data transmission is happening.
  • If also you can’t find with the above mentioned methods, you can check out the official knowledgebase of the spy app from their official website like Flexispy or mSpy. Every spy app covers the installation and removal guide.
  • If nothing goes well, the last option you’re left with is to reset your device to it’s factory default settings. It will wipe out everything installed on the phone and will reset to factory defaults.

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