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Unlock The Full Potential: How To Use Alexa As A Speaker?

by Mubi 

how to use Alexa as a speaker

Learn the secrets to converting your Alexa device into a stellar speaker with our straightforward guide. We’re here to walk you through the entire process, from setup to seamless streaming. Make the most of your Alexa’s audio prowess and elevate your listening experience effortlessly.

Alexa, Amazon’s voice-controlled virtual assistant, has become an integral part of our smart homes, capable of much more than just answering questions or setting reminders. One of its impressive features is its ability to serve as a speaker. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the diverse ways you can harness the power of Alexa to enhance your audio experience.

Whether you want to use Alexa as a speaker for your PC, with an auxiliary connection, or even without Wi-Fi, we’ve got you covered. Discover the step-by-step instructions for maximizing the audio capabilities of your Alexa device and unlock a world of seamless sound. So, let’s dive in and learn how to use Alexa as a speaker like a pro.

What’s Alexa all about?

how to use Alexa as a speaker

Alexa is like your tech-savvy sidekick right in your home. It’s this smart virtual assistant cooked up by Amazon, and it’s pretty nifty. Think of it as a computer, but instead of buttons, you chat with it using your voice.

For starters, Alexa is the go-to for answering your everyday questions. Curious about the weather or what’s making headlines? Just ask, and Alexa spills the beans. It’s like having your own personal weather expert and news anchor right there in your house.

When it comes to keeping you on schedule, Alexa’s got your back. Need to get up early? Just say, “Alexa, wake me up at 7 AM,” and it’ll ensure you’re not snoozing through your morning.

But wait, there’s more. Alexa can crank up your favorite tunes, crack a joke, and even take charge of your smart gadgets. Picture this: “Alexa, turn off the lights,” and presto, your room goes dark.

Plus, you can shop like a pro with Alexa. Just tell it what you want, and it’ll help you snag stuff from Amazon. Incredibly handy, right?

What’s really cool is that there are tons of “skills” you can give Alexa, like games and recipes. It’s like a personal assistant that you can tweak to match your interests and needs.

In a nutshell, Alexa is your trusty voice-activated sidekick, making life more straightforward and enjoyable. Just ask, and Alexa’s there to lend a hand!

How to use Alexa as a speaker?

Curious about transforming your Amazon Alexa into a speaker? The process is quite simple, and we’re here to guide you through it systematically.


how to use Alexa as a speaker

  • Bluetooth link-up
  • Voice command functionality
  • Streaming services integration
  • Volume customization
  • Playback management
  • Terminating the connection

1. Bluetooth link-up

Commence by initiating the Alexa app on your mobile device. Visit the “Devices” section, select your Alexa contraption, and tap into the “Bluetooth Devices” option to set up the connection between your Alexa gizmo and your smartphone or tablet. After successfully pairing them, you can conveniently stream your beloved tunes or podcasts via Alexa, instantly enhancing your auditory experience.

2. Voice command functionality

Alexa is crafted for user-friendliness. Just vocalize the command, “Alexa, establish a connection with my phone” or “Alexa, synchronize Bluetooth,” and Alexa will escort you through the linkage process, ensuring a trouble-free setup.

3. Streaming services integration

If you have a preferred music service, such as Spotify or Amazon Music, integrating it with Alexa is a breeze. A simple utterance like “Alexa, play [song/artist/playlist] on [music service]” will trigger Alexa to commence playback, providing you with a personalized and melodious encounter.

4. Volume customization

No need for awkward volume adjustments. Alexa aptly responds to voice instructions such as “Alexa, crank up the volume” or “Alexa, lower the sound,” granting you the capability to fine-tune the audio output effortlessly using vocal commands.

5. Playback management

Alexa excels in playback control. Whether you need to pause or resume your tunes, just articulate “Alexa, pause” or “Alexa, resume,” and Alexa will promptly act upon your directives.

6. Terminating the connection

When you’ve concluded your listening session, instruct Alexa to “terminate the connection.” Alternatively, you can deactivate Bluetooth on your mobile device to sever the link between the two devices, ensuring an uncomplicated disconnection process.

How to use Alexa as a speaker for a PC?

Looking to amp up your PC’s sound using your trusty Alexa device as a speaker? No problem! This quick guide will get you on track.

  • Check Alexa compatibility
  • Connect Alexa and PC on the same network
  • Pair Alexa with your PC
  • Make Alexa your top speaker
  • Let the sound roll

1. Check Alexa compatibility

Before diving in, make sure your Alexa gadget is good to go for this task. Most Alexa speakers should work, but a quick compatibility check never hurts.

2. Connect Alexa and PC on the same network

Ensure both your PC and Alexa are sharing the same Wi-Fi network. This connection is crucial for them to talk to each other.

3. Pair Alexa with your PC

Grab your smartphone, fire up the Alexa app, and select your Alexa device. Then, navigate to ‘Bluetooth’ settings and link it to your PC.

4. Make Alexa your top speaker

Head to your PC’s ‘Sound Settings’ and designate your Alexa device as the primary speaker. This means all your audio will flow through Alexa.

5. Let the sound roll

From now on, whenever you play something on your PC, the sound will pump out through your Alexa device. Enjoy music, watch videos, or have Alexa read to you in style.

That’s the scoop! You’ve just transformed your Alexa into a fantastic PC speaker. Better sound, no fuss. Enjoy!

How to use Alexa as a speaker with aux?

Turning your Alexa into an AUX speaker is a breeze. This quick guide explains how to do it:

  • Get your gear ready
  • Locate the AUX port
  • Connect your device
  • Play your audio

1. Get your gear ready

Begin by gathering your Alexa device and the gadget you want to link with via AUX. Don’t forget your AUX cable, which has 3.5mm jacks at both ends.

2. Locate the AUX port

Find your Alexa’s AUX port, usually at the back. Plug one end of the AUX cable into it.

3. Connect your device

Take the other end of the AUX cable and snugly plug it into your device’s headphone jack.

4. Play your audio

You’re all set now. Play your favorite audio from your device, and it’ll come through Alexa’s speaker. You can control the volume using your Alexa device.

That’s the whole deal! You’ve effectively transformed your Alexa into an AUX speaker. It’s a straightforward way to enjoy your tunes or audio from various sources. Just remember to unplug the cable or switch Alexa modes when you’re done. Rock on!

How to use Alexa as a speaker without Wi-Fi?

So, you’re wondering how to make Alexa rock as a speaker even when the Wi-Fi’s down? Don’t sweat it; we’ve got your back. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Bluetooth pairing
  • Use the aux-in port
  • Download music for offline play
  • Set up a personal server

1. Bluetooth pairing

Your Alexa speaker can connect to your phone or tablet through Bluetooth. Just go to your device’s settings, find Alexa, and pair them up. Then, you can play music, podcasts, or anything from your phone through Alexa. No Wi-Fi is required.

2. Use the aux-in port

Most Alexa devices come with an Aux-In port. Grab an Aux cable, plug one end into your device’s headphone jack, and the other end into the Alexa. Now, your Alexa becomes a fancy speaker for whatever you want to play.

3. Download music for offline play

Many music streaming apps, like Amazon Music and Spotify, let you download songs for offline listening. Before the Wi-Fi goes down, download your favorite tunes. Alexa can still play them without an internet connection.

4. Set up a personal server

This one’s a bit techy, but if you’re up for it, you can set up a personal server. Store your music files there and teach Alexa to access them. Voilà, music without Wi-Fi!

So, whether you’re in the middle of a Wi-Fi outage or just want to groove offline, you’ve got options to turn your Alexa into a speaker. Get those tunes pumping!

How do I use the Alexa speaker on my iPhone?

If you’re wondering how to make your iPhone work with your Alexa speaker, it’s a breeze. Here’s the straightforward process to make it happen:

How do I use the Alexa speaker on my iPhone?


  • Grab the Amazon Alexa app
  • Sign in or set up an Amazon account
  • Connect your Alexa speaker
  • Using Alexa with your iPhone

1. Grab the Amazon Alexa app

Begin by downloading the Amazon Alexa app from the App Store on your iPhone. Just head to the App Store, look for “Amazon Alexa,” and tap “Install.”

2. Sign in or set up an Amazon account

After the app is installed, open it and log in using your Amazon account. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create an Amazon account.

3. Connect your Alexa speaker

Now, tap the ‘Devices’ icon located at the bottom right of the app. Next, tap the ‘+’ sign and select ‘Add Device.’ Find your Alexa speaker on the list, and follow the on-screen instructions to connect it to your Wi-Fi.

4. Using Alexa with your iPhone

Once your Alexa speaker is successfully connected, you can effortlessly interact with Alexa through your iPhone. Just say “Alexa,” and then tell Alexa what you need or ask any questions.

That’s all there is to it! You’re now ready to experience all of Alexa’s capabilities using your iPhone. Just a quick reminder, you’ll need an active internet connection for this to work, so make sure your Wi-Fi is up and running.

How do I use Alexa Dot as a speaker?

Looking to turn your Alexa Dot into a speaker? No worries, it’s a piece of cake! Here’s how:

  • Connect your device
  • Find devices
  • Get linked
  • Start the jam
  • Adjust the volume

1. Connect your device

Make sure your Alexa Dot is linked to Wi-Fi. Now, grab your smartphone or tablet, dive into the settings, and switch on Bluetooth.

2. Find devices

On your mobile device, select “Pair a New Device” or “Discover Devices.” You’ll spot your Alexa Dot in the available devices list.

3. Get linked

Tap on your Alexa Dot’s name to establish the connection. When it’s good to go, you’ll hear a confirmation beep.

4. Start the jam

Now, you can play your choice of music, podcasts, or whatever you fancy on your phone. The audio will stream through your Alexa Dot. Simple as that!

5. Adjust the volume

You’re in control. Manage the volume using your phone or tell Alexa to crank it up or tone it down with “Alexa, volume up” or “Alexa, volume down.”

That’s the lowdown! You’re all ready to use your Alexa Dot as a nifty speaker. Enjoy your music or podcasts without any fuss.


  1. How do I employ Alexa as a speaker for music and audio content?

Utilize Alexa as a speaker by instructing it with phrases such as “Alexa, initiate playing [song/artist/genre].” Alexa will then commence playing your selected audio from the music streaming service associated with your device.

  1. What voice commands should I issue to Alexa to start music or podcast playback through it?

Trigger playback of music or podcasts through Alexa by uttering voice commands like “Alexa, commence music,” “Alexa, initiate my preferred podcast,” or by specifying the specific audio content you desire.

  1. Is it possible to establish a Bluetooth connection between my smartphone or other gadgets and Alexa for using it as a speaker?

Yes, you can establish a Bluetooth connection between Alexa and your smartphone or other Bluetooth-compatible devices. To achieve this, simply state, “Alexa, pair Bluetooth.” Subsequently, you can transmit audio from your device to Alexa.

  1. How can I create a multi-room audio setup with Alexa functioning as a speaker?

To create a multi-room audio arrangement, you can form an audio group within the Alexa app and include compatible Alexa devices in the group. Then, you can issue the command, “Alexa, initiate playback of [music/playlist] everywhere,” and the audio will be played on all devices in the group.

  1. Which music streaming services are supported for use with Alexa as a speaker?

Alexa is compatible with a range of music streaming services, including Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and several others. You can designate your preferred service in the Alexa app.

  1. Is it possible to utilize Alexa as a speaker for video content, such as from my television or streaming devices?

Yes, you can harness Alexa as a speaker for video content. By enabling the “Alexa, start playing [TV/show name]” command, you can control compatible smart TVs and streaming devices using voice commands.


In conclusion, leveraging Alexa as a speaker provides a wide array of opportunities for music enthusiasts and audiophiles. By adhering to the straightforward steps and advice provided in this guide, you can convert your Alexa device into a potent and flexible audio hub. Whether you’re streaming your cherished tunes, setting the ambiance with ambient sounds, or participating in hands-free calls with crystal-clear quality, Alexa’s capabilities as a speaker are genuinely impressive.

Due to its smooth integration with popular streaming services, smart home devices, and adaptable settings, your Alexa speaker can accommodate your unique preferences. Therefore, do not restrict your Alexa device solely to voice commands; instead, explore its full potential as a high-quality speaker, enhancing your auditory experience significantly. Embrace the advanced sound capabilities of Alexa and indulge in a more immersive and enriching listening experience.

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