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Philo’s Cost Explained: Is Philo Free With Amazon Prime?

by Mubi 

Is Philo Free With Amazon Prime?

Wondering if Philo is free with Amazon Prime? If you are thinking about getting rid of cable and going for a live TV streaming service, you’ve got some choices. You have probably heard of YouTube TV and Hulu Plus Live TV, but there’s also Philo. Philo is cheaper than the others. But do you know how much does Philo cost with or without Prime?

We tried out Philo and found it has a good number of channels, a simple interface, and a cool unlimited DVR. But there’s a catch – it doesn’t have sports channels, extensive news networks, or local channels. This might not be the best choice for people looking for a natural cable alternative.

Philo costs $25 per month, which puts it in the middle between free TV services like Freevee and Tubi and Sling, another cheap live TV option. So, does Philo fill the gap, or are the other choices better?

What is Philo?

Is Philo Free With Amazon Prime?

Philo is a cheaper version of cable TV, costing $25 per month. It gives you 71 channels, including popular ones like AMC, A&E, and Nickelodeon. You can also add MGM Plus and STARZ for an extra cost.

In 2020, Philo had over 800,000 subscribers, while Sling TV had at least 2.3 million. Hulu Plus Live TV and YouTube TV had even more subscribers in 2022. Philo not only offers live TV but also has over 75,000 on-demand titles. 

This is less than Sling TV’s 80,000 titles in 2021. Free services like Pluto TV and Tubi are also available but have different channel lineups. While you can’t skip around or pause like on Philo, these services are free and supported by ads.

How do you use Philo’s special channels and save money on streaming?

Philo’s TV channels are not like the usual ones you find on other live-streaming services. They’ve got a different way of picking shows. First off, let’s talk about what Philo doesn’t have, unlike its rivals:

  • Local channels (like ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX)
  • Sports channels (no ESPN, FS1, NFL Network)
  • National news channels (bye-bye CNN, FOX News, MSNBC)

These channels usually jack up the price to around $65 per month on other services.

Instead of coughing up a lot for these big channels, Philo gives you a bunch of reality shows, documentaries, drama, comedy, movies, and stuff for kids. You get cool channels like AMC, Comedy Central, Food Network, Hallmark, Nickelodeon, and even Paramount Network, which is awesome for Yellowstone fans.

If you are into local channels, there are ways to get them without cable. And for sports, you might want to grab an ESPN+ subscription or one of those yearly game packs from the big leagues. We’ve got a guide on watching live sports without cable if you’re curious.

Check out all the channels on Philo below, or compare them with other streaming services using our chart. Dive into a different kind of TV world with Philo’s special channels!

Upgrade your channels with Philo’s add-ons

Enhance your Philo TV with some cool extras! For just $3 a month, you can get a bunch of movie channels like Cinemoi, HDNet Movies, MGM HD, Reelz, and Sony Movies. Want more? Add the EPIX channels (EPIX, EPIX2, and EPIX Hits) for only $6 per month.

Feeling like a STARZ fan? Grab their package with STARZ, STARZ ENCORE, and STARZ Kids & Family for just $9 per month. Philo doesn’t have tons of extras, but these options give you a bunch of shows and movies without costing a fortune. Spice up your Philo experience without burning a hole in your pocket – it’s that easy!

 Philo Free

Unlimited storage: How does Philo’s DVR work?

Wondering if Philo comes with DVR capabilities? Well, for those thinking about cutting the cord, here’s some good news: Philo boasts one of the best cloud DVR setups in the live TV streaming scene.

With Philo, you get a nifty unlimited storage space on your cloud DVR. This means you can record as many shows and movies as your heart desires, worry-free about running out of space. It’s worth noting that the only other service offering this much storage at its basic subscription price is YouTube TV.

Philo made a positive move in 2021 by extending the duration you can keep recordings on your cloud DVR to a whole year, up from the previous limit of just 30 days. Plus, they’ve got your back with fast-forward and rewind features on their cloud DVR, allowing you to breeze through commercials on your recorded content. Want to dive deeper into how Philo’s cloud DVR works? You can find more details here.

Curious about how Philo’s cloud DVR storage compares to its rivals? Take a peek below:

  • Hulu + Live TV: Unlimited Cloud DVR Hours
  • Philo: Unlimited Cloud DVR Hours
  • Sling Orange + Blue: 50 Cloud DVR Hours
  • YouTube TV: Unlimited Cloud DVR Hours

Philo stands tall with its unlimited cloud DVR, making it a solid choice for those who want flexibility and ample recording space.

TV anywhere! You’re the boss with Philo’s easy streaming

Forget heavy cables and living room jail! Philo sets your TV free – watch anytime, anywhere, right on your phone, tablet, computer, or even your big TV. No fancy tricks, just simple streaming fun.

Picture this: movies on the bus, games at the park, shows snuggled in bed. Philo’s your pocket TV pal, letting you channel hop wherever you go.

The cool stuff keeps coming! Switching between devices is like changing clothes – phone to TV, tablet to laptop, it’s easy peasy. Your watchlist and recordings come along for the ride, so you pick up right where you left off (unless you want to watch that awesome scene again, of course!).

So, how do you unlock this streaming wonderland? It’s easier than making pizza. Just connect to the internet (fast is best!) and choose your weapon – phone, tablet, computer, or TV. For the big screen, Philo hangs out with Roku, Fire TV, and others. 

But the party gets bigger! Android, Apple devices, and even some Samsung smart TVs join the fun, giving you more choices than channels (and that’s a lot!). And the best part? Philo plays nice with Google TV, putting your shows in the “live” tab like VIP guests. 

Finding your next adventure is a breeze. So, ditch the cords, grab your freedom, and open a world of entertainment with Philo. Your next streaming journey starts now, one tap at a time.

What does Philo bring to the table in terms of features?

Philo comes with a bunch of cool features that make using it a better experience for users. The top 10 amazing features of Philo are included as:

1. Unlimited recording

Save all your favourite shows without worrying about running out of space, thanks to Philo’s unlimited cloud DVR. Never miss a moment and watch whenever you want.

2. Watch on three devices

Share the fun with family and friends by watching different shows on three devices at the same time. Philo makes it easy for everyone to enjoy their favourite content.

3. Many channels

Philo gives you access to a variety of channels covering different interests. From news to lifestyle, there’s something for everyone.

4. Use any device

Watch Philo on your phone, tablet, or smart TV. Switch between devices easily so you can enjoy your shows wherever you go.

5. New shows regularly

Stay entertained with Philo’s frequent updates. Discover fresh shows and keep up with the latest trends in entertainment.

6. Lots of on-demand shows

Dive into a world of entertainment with Philo’s on-demand library. There are plenty of shows in different categories, so you’ll always find something you love.

7. Access more apps

Philo lets you use many TV apps easily. Explore new content and discover shows beyond regular channels effortlessly.

8. Easy to use

Philo’s simple interface makes finding and watching your favourite shows a breeze. It’s easy for everyone, no matter your age.

9. Your own profile

Customise your Philo experience by making your own profile. Set up your preferences and bookmarks, and get recommendations that match your taste.

10. For families

Keep things family-friendly with Philo’s parental controls. You decide what everyone can watch, ensuring a safe and enjoyable time for all.

 Philo Free

How many devices can watch Philo at once?

Thinking about switching from cable with a bunch of people at home? Wondering if everyone can watch it together. Good news! With Philo, you can watch on three devices at the same time with just one subscription.

Imagine this: two people on two TVs at home and another on a smartphone, wherever they are! But wait, there’s more! Philo goes the extra mile. You can make up to 10 different profiles under one subscription.

That means each person in your house gets their own way of watching. Philo not only lets you watch on different devices at the same time but also makes sure everyone in your home enjoys their favourite shows the way they like. It’s an excellent choice for a household with different tastes and habits of watching!

Movie magic on Philo with extra channels for every budget

Philo’s $25 plan rocks for live TV, but who wouldn’t want more movies and shows? That’s where their add-on packs come in, like bonus boxes full of fun!

Movie fans, listen up! For just $3 a month, the Movies & More pack unlocks cool channels. Indie flicks on Fandor, hidden gems on FMC, big movies on HDNet, celeb gossip on Reelz, and Sony movies galore! Sweet, right?

Love fancy shows? Starz brings the heat with 3 channels for $10 a month. Watch original series, big movies, and award-winners on Starz, Starz Encore, and Starz Kids (keeps the kiddos happy!).

Go wild with MGM for $6! MGM+ is a treasure chest of incredible movies, new shows, and cool docs, while MGM+ Hits and Marquee keep you pumped with classics and new stuff.

The best part? Mix and match these packs to make your own Philo dream world! Movie marathoners or fancy show seekers, Philo’s add-ons have something for everyone. Grab your snacks, get cozy, and explore the fun beyond Philo’s basic plan!

Is Philo free with Amazon Prime, or does it have a separate free trial?

Curious if Philo’s your go-to for entertainment? Great news! Philo lets you test their service without spending a cent with a cool seven-day free trial. It’s like a test run – you can check out all the channels and features to see if it’s your kind of thing.

No worries during the trial, but after seven days, Philo started its regular charges. You decide whether you want to stick with the fun Philo ride or try something else. It’s a simple way to enjoy the Philo experience at zero cost! Just dive in and see if it’s your perfect match for entertainment.

Philo vs. other streaming options

Philo vs. Sling TV

Comparing Philo to Sling TV, it’s a balance between pricing and channel offerings. Philo, at $25, is more economical than Sling TV, which offers two plans at $40 each. Philo provides 70 channels, while Sling TV’s Orange plan includes 32 channels, and its Blue plan offers additional stations like Bravo, USA, and FS1 that Philo doesn’t have.

Sling TV incorporates popular channels like ESPN and Disney+, which are absent from Philo’s lineup. However, Philo excels in the cloud DVR department, offering unlimited storage, while Sling TV provides only 50 hours per month, with an option to upgrade to 200 hours for an extra $5. Philo allows streaming on three devices, matching Sling TV’s Blue plan, but surpasses Sling TV’s Orange plan, which allows streaming on only one device.

  • Price: Philo is $25/month, Sling TV has two plans at $40 each
  • Channels: Philo offers 70 channels, Sling TV’s Orange plan has 32, and Blue plan includes stations like Bravo, USA, and FS1

Philo vs. DirecTV Stream

When it comes to live TV streaming services, Philo and DirecTV Stream offer distinct features. Philo, priced at $25 per month, is a more budget-friendly option compared to DirecTV Stream, which comes in at a hefty $74.99. Despite the cost difference, DirecTV Stream boasts 75+ channels, including local ones, ESPN, and FS1, while Philo provides 70 channels.

Both services offer unlimited cloud DVR storage, but there’s a catch. DirecTV Stream allows unlimited simultaneous streaming on multiple screens, whereas Philo limits you to three screens. Philo, however, compensates with 10 user profiles, a feature not offered by DirecTV Stream. Additionally, Philo’s on-demand content library stands out, providing a diverse selection that DirecTV Stream lacks.

  • Price: Philo is $25/month, while DirecTV Stream costs a hefty $74.99/month
  • Channels: DirecTV Stream offers 75+ channels, including local ones, ESPN, and FS1; Philo provides 70 channels

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use this app in other countries?

Right now, this app works only in the USA. Anywhere else, and it’s a no-go.

Can you Record Shows on Philo?

Absolutely! Philo lets you record your favourite shows to watch later. It’s like having your own TV time machine.

Are There Hidden Fees with Philo?

Nope, no hidden surprises. Philo keeps it straightforward – what you see is what you pay. Check out their pricing page for all the details on subscription costs.

Does Philo Work with Smart TVs?

You bet! Philo plays well with Smart TVs. Whether it’s Samsung, LG, or another brand, as long as it’s a Smart TV, you can dive into Philo’s world of entertainment.

What Shows Can You Watch on Philo?

Flip through channels like Discover, Nickelodeon, Food Network, Paramount, and BBC on Philo. It’s like a TV buffet in your pocket.

Is Philo TV a Good Choice?

Philo TV won’t break the bank. With 60+ channels, live shows, and on-demand content, it’s a budget-friendly pick. Give it a shot with the free trial to see if it fits your vibe.

Is Philo Free with Amazon Prime?

Philo isn’t free, but they throw in a whole week for free. No Amazon Prime magic here, but you can enjoy Philo without spending a dime for a bit.


Philo, at $25/month, offers budget-friendly live TV streaming with 71 channels, including popular ones like AMC and Nickelodeon. The unlimited cloud DVR adds flexibility, allowing worry-free recording and watching. While lacking sports, news, and local channels, Philo compensates with a variety of reality shows and documentaries. Easy to use and supporting streaming on various devices, Philo provides a hassle-free entertainment experience. With add-ons starting at $3/month, users can customise their experience with extra movie channels or STARZ packages. It’s not free with Amazon Prime, but a seven-day free trial is available. Overall, it is a compelling choice for affordable and flexible live TV streaming.

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