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5 Must-Have Programming Languages for Cybersecurity

by Mubi 

5 Must-Have Programming Languages for Cybersecurity

Nowadays, coding is an essential skill in almost every technology field, and cybersecurity is no exception. Learn advanced programming languages ​​for security professionals.

Cybersecurity professionals who are seeking to learn coding for the first time face a perplexing question. What language should they know? Many popular programming languages are being used nowadays, and selecting a starting point might be devastating.

Here, we are going to discuss five critical factors of the cybersecurity toolkit of recent times.

5 Must-Have Programming Languages for Cybersecurity

  • Python
  • Shell scripting
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • SQL

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Let’s discuss all these essential programming languages, inspect why you need these languages and how you can learn them.

1- Python

Why do you need the Python language? For programming languages, it is an advanced workhorse. As a general-purpose languages group member, you will know that you can do any software development work in Python. It is the reason that it is trendy. If you learn just one language, it will be your starting point. Python code is below the surface of several popular cybersecurity tools. Moreover, it perform greatly for the automation of most of your work.

How to learn Python? The combination of examples and tutorials is the best way to learn Python. You have to start with the basic Python tutorial, for example, tutorials from Codeacademy and LearnPython.org. Initially, you have to start by looking at a few Python codes written by someone. Possibly, there can be a few examples in your workspace. Moreover, you can also write a Python script, which works with a standard cybersecurity gear like Nmap.

However, you may be confused at an early stage and could not do your assigned work properly. You can seek help online and pay for programming homework at https://assignmentshark.com/.

2 Shell Scripting

Why do you need Shell Scripting? It uses several commands, which you can already operate in a terminal session in your chosen OS, enabling the developers to write automated scripts to perform several usual tasks. For a quick way to provide accounts allowing proper access and fast automation of the security lockdown of the system’s configuration, Shell Scripting can be the best for you. As a Mac OS or Linux user, you may want to learn Linux Shell Scripting language like Bash. Moreover, as a Windows user, you have to learn PowerShell Scripting.

How to learn Shell Scripting? If you are going to learn Shell Scripting, first of all, you have to ensure that you are easy with the essential command-line gears accessible for your operating system. Then, you can assemble a few basic scripts by following the common tutorial examples of PowerShell or Linux Shell Scripts.


Why do you need HTML? HyperText Markup Language is also known as HTML. It is not strictly a programming language. Technically, it is also a markup language. However, you can use this language to create website pages throughout the internet. In addition, it is a necessary skill for cybersecurity professionals as a lot of types of attacks revolve around HTML.

How to learn HTML? Luckily, HTML is a very easy language to learn, and you can learn the basics within a couple of hours. HTML is a markup language, which starts with plain text and then uses the code elements series to format the text and comprise the other elements of the web page. Therefore, W3Schools is the best tutorial platform for HTML learners.

4 JavaScript

Why do you need JavaScript? As HTML is helpful for the formation of web pages, JavaScript gives them power. It is extensively used to add external elements, track the user’s activity, and perform more web tasks. JavaScript is also helpful for several web-based app attacks like cross-site scripting.

How to learn JavaScript? Like other languages, you can learn the basics of JavaScript from tutorials from websites like W3Schools. But, then, the best way to learn how it is used for practice is to look at this language used on any site. Moreover, you can also learn about JavaScript by viewing the source of the particular page.


Why do you need SQL? Structured Query Language is also known as SQL. It is a programming language of relational databases. End-users, administrators, and developers write queries in this language to delete, retrieve, update, and insert info saved in database tables. Unfortunately, SQL attackers are also used to disrupt data stores and to steal precious information.

How to learn SQL? Luckily, it is pretty easy to learn SQL. Of course, having access to a relational database at work is a great way to start. But, without access, several web-based tutorials give you the capability to experiment. In addition, you can get courses from LinkedIn Learning and DataCamp to learn SQL.


The cybersecurity experts must know the coding concepts for the appropriate interpretation of malicious actors’ activities on the networks. Moreover, they must be capable of code writing to perform their work more effectively and efficiently. Although, not all cybersecurity jobs incorporate coding skills as required by the job. It is difficult to imagine a cybersecurity career, which will not benefit from the capability to knock out a code of few lines as a minimum every once in a while.

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