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Learn Python the Hard Way PDF Free Download

by Mubi 

Learn Python the Hard Way PDF Free Download

Learn one of the most popular programming language in the terms of cyber security and penetration testing from this amazing Python book named as ‘Learn Python the Hard Way PDF’ authored by Zed Shaw.

Python is a very powerful and most used programming language when it comes to the hacking, cyber security or penetration testing. To learn this language to become advanced level Python programmer for cyber security or hacking interest, this book Learn Python the Hard Way PDF offers complete hands on practice you can implement and learn. One of the best book to give birth hundreds of Python expert programmers with it’s easy to learn coding and other tactics.

Author: Zed Shaw

Learn Python the Hard Way PDF book is authored by the Zed Shaw for learning Python. The book is specifically focused on hands on practical work powering users from beginner to advanced level in Python programming. It’s binded with over 50+ exclusive exercises for ultimate learning and practice skills. It’s very simple and easy to learn as you see a code, step by step understand it’s working and implement it as you learn with this book. It will make you learn how programs works, how to write and read and most importantly act like a coder to tackle the bugs and other issues smoothly.

Learn Python The Hard Way PDF Contents

In the Learn Python the Hard Way PDF book, you will learn in depth Python coding to write your own great programs. Check out all the useful lessons you will get.

  • Installation and Configuration of Python Coding Environment
  • Writing and Organizing the Code
  • Mathematics Operations
  • Strings, Variables and Plain Text
  • Logics and Loops
  • Data Structures
  • How to Interact with Users
  • Designing a Program
  • OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
  • Classes, Obects and Modules
  • Inheritance and Composition
  • Python Debugging and Packaging
  • Python Game and Web Development

Get Learn Python the Hard Way PDF

Click here to read the book ‘Learn Python the Hard Way PDF’ or buy a print copy and get hands on to the Python coding.

About the author 

Mubi Ace

April 13, 2021

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November 5, 2020

Learn Python the Hard Way PDF Free Download
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