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RainbowCrack – An Ultimate Hash Cracking Tool

by Mubi 


RainbowCrack is one the very popular and classy password and hash cracking tool that works on the Rainbow tables to figure out the real password match.

Rainbowcrack isn’t like the simple brute force thing while it works on a series of pre computered tables known as rainbow tables to get one exact match. One of the best advantage of this tool is that it reduces the cracking process time to very extent as compared to the brute force. In the brute force, hash produces all the combination in a form of plain text and then compares it with the password hash to find the match. If it finds a match, you get the password cracked else all the cracked hashes are discarded as a wastage.

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RainbowCrack was designed and developed by the Zhu Shuanglei developer and comes with an implemented time memory trade off crypto analysis-attacks which are origintated by PHilippe Oechslin’s Ophcrack. Rainbow Crack uses the one of the best hashes algorigthm called time-memory tradeoff.


  • Rainbow tables supports all type of hashes algorithms
  • Rainbow tables supports for all type of charset
  • Supports raw file format .rtc and compact file format .rt
  • Supported multi core-processor computation
  • Graphics Processing Unit acceleration with any powerful GPU like NVIDIA, AMD GPU cards etc.
  • Compatible to Windows and Linux operating system
  • Supports rainbow table file formats on all compatible operating systems
  • CMD and GUI Interface.

RainbowCrack Download

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RainbowCrack stands out as an advanced tool for cracking passwords and hashes using precomputed Rainbow tables, significantly speeding up the decryption process compared to brute force methods. Developed by Zhu Shuanglei, it leverages time-memory tradeoff algorithms for efficient crypto analysis. With support for various hash algorithms, charsets, and GPU acceleration, RainbowCrack offers robust capabilities for security professionals and enthusiasts alike. Explore its features to enhance password security testing and cryptographic analysis.

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May 14, 2023

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