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Revenge RAT v0.3 Download – How to Use Revenge RAT

by Mubi 

Revenge RAT Download - How to use Revenge RAT

Revenge RAT is a powerful remote administration tool which is a client server application take over remote devices without any authorization. It’s a malicious coded program that allows the remote computer to take control of a real physical target device as if they have physical access to that system.

Revenge RAT can automatically gathers system information before allowing threat actors to remotely access system components such as webcams, microphones, and various other utilities. Remote administration tool is totally associated with unauthorized or malicious activity. Download revenge RAT v0.3 absolutely free. Please note that we’re not responsible of any consequences you may face using this software.

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Revenge RAT Features

  • File Explorer
  • Remote Desktop
  • Remote WebCam
  • Audio Feed
  • Keylogger
  • Task Manager
  • Chat between Client/Server
  • Script Execution

Download Revenge RAT

Click here to download Revenge RAT v0.3.

How to Use Revenge RAT?

To use it is pretty simple and straight forward.

  • Download the tool and build a backdoor.
  • Spread this backdoor to the target through any medium.
  • Once they open your sent backdoor on their computer, BINGO..!! you’re the boss of their device.


Using Revenge RAT v0.3 gives you complete control over a target device. Its features, such as file exploration, remote desktop access, and keylogging, make it a potent tool. However, remember that this tool engages in unauthorized activity, which can lead to serious consequences. Download and use Revenge RAT responsibly, understanding the potential legal implications. Always consider ethical alternatives for remote administration needs.

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Mubi Ace

May 14, 2023

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