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Should Digital Nomads Get a MacBook?

by Mubi 

Working as a digital nomad has its perks. For one, you have the freedom to travel around the world and work from pretty much anywhere so long as you have access to an internet connection.

A flexible schedule is also a big plus. You can talk to clients and discuss the deadlines. Then, after agreeing with them when a project should be finished, you may work during nights or early mornings. After all, the important thing is to meet the deadline.

Besides internet access, a digital nomad needs a reliable laptop. Since you will be moving from one location to the next, a desktop computer will not cut it. 

If you were to read some laptop reviews targeted at freelancers, you would notice that MacBooks are a popular recommendation. But what makes Apple computers stand out from the rest, and are they really that good for someone who plans to work as a digital nomad? 


Let’s compare MacBooks with personal computers. To build a PC, you would need to spend time researching which parts are compatible, where to find the best prices, and depend on suppliers actually having the hardware. Meanwhile, a Mac comes already assembled, meaning that you do not have to worry about separate aspects of the computer.

And what about other laptops? There are plenty of choices, but non-Macs have a similar problem in the sense that you will have a difficult time picking the best deal because of how many different manufacturers there are.

Meanwhile, there are not that many available MacBook options, meaning that you can decide on the model quickly. 


MacBooks are known for their durability. Take Mac’s keyboard, for instance. The latest models come with the “scissor” keyboard mechanism, which reduces the odds of keyboard keys getting stuck. In addition, the “scissor” mechanism is an upgrade to the “butterfly” mechanism with quieter and softer keys.

The trackpad is another durable MacBook element. A precise cursor makes it easier to work on a MacBook compared to other laptop models. 


Longevity is also a popular reason why you will see so many people praise MacBooks. For someone who will travel with their computer, having a sturdy device is great.

The price tag of a laptop with relatively low specs might be off-putting at first, but when you consider how little maintenance Mac needs, you begin to realize that you will save money in the long run.

Sure, there might be some MacBook performance issues now and then. However, if you take care of things like dust inside the laptop and the desktop clutter as well as background applications, your Mac should be fine.

Also, in case there are too many applications on the computer, and you clutter the drive, some of the tips to get rid of these unnecessary apps would be to:

  • Remove apps by putting them in the Trash Bin
  • Get a cleanup utility tool
  • Use Launchpad
  • Uninstall the app via the native uninstaller

Battery Lifespan

For the most part, you should have access to an electric socket, so charging the laptop should not be an issue. At the same time, you may also end up in a situation when you have to travel or be left without electricity for some time.

MacBooks excel in battery lifespan. If most laptops last 5 to 6 hours on average after a single charge, the most recent MacBook Pro models offer twice as much longevity. You can expect to get up to 11 hours out of Mac’s battery. 

Of course, there are different factors that reduce the battery’s lifespan. Background apps, visual effects, and external temperature are a few examples of these factors. Nevertheless, when you compare MacBooks to other laptops, they have a far better battery.

HD Screen Display

You will struggle to find a better screen in the market than what the MacBook has to offer. The LED-backlit Retina display distinguishes Macs from the competition. The feature gives a better user experience.

For someone who uses a computer for work, screen quality plays a prominent role. Eyes get tired after looking at a screen for hours. 

A good screen like this is also helpful for photographers, graphic designers, video editors, and other artists as they rely on accurate colors to deliver professional work.


Not having to worry about potential cybersecurity threats would give you some peace of mind and let you focus more on work.

MacBooks are not that prone to cybersecurity threats like malware, ransomware, and viruses, thanks to regular macOS updates. In other words, if there is a hole, Apple tends to patch it with a hotfix.

And if you decide to improve the security even more, you have the option to install antivirus software and use virtual private networks when surfing the web.


Given the advantages of a MacBook, it should be quite clear that it is a solid choice for digital nomads. Therefore, if you are looking to get a new computer for your work, a Mac would be a solid choice.

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September 30, 2023

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