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Best PS4 IP Sniffers and IP Pullers

by Mubi 

best PS4 IP Pullers - PS4 IP Sniffers

Find the all the best PS4 IP Sniffers and IP Pullers to resolve console IP address and usernames.

With the internet, gaming advanced to the next level and now about every new game is played with the internet. Some games are single player while most of the games are multiplayer to play with friends online. There are very few games that don’t require the internet. What if you’re playing a game online with your friends and want to win the game by disconnecting their connection? Players can resolve the IP address and usernames. There are plenty of tools that resolve PS4 usernames and IP addresses. In this article, we have gathered the best PS4 IP sniffers and IP pullers to locate, track and know more about a PSN player’s details.

There are plenty of ways a user can resolve a target’s IP. Some of ’em are technical and hard for the non-tech user and require advanced-level hacking skills while on the other hand, there are some really simple and easy-to-use tools. Every newbie can play with these tools so easily.

Whenever you browse a website or use a booter against anyone, your IP address will be displayed on the server logs. So, to be secure from your IP leakage, make sure to stay anonymous by using any good VPN service before using the booter. If any Security agency traces back your IP that attacked any website, you might get charged for cybercrime. Don’t forget to use the VPN before connecting to the best PS4 IP booters.

6 Best PSN Resolver Alternatives of 2023: PS4 Resolver and IP Finder

XResolver is a network tool that includes PSN resolver, enabling gamers to locate their opponents’ IP addresses and geolocations using PlayStation usernames. This database stores millions of usernames and is continuously growing, making the IP grabber function essential in obtaining public Gamertags and IPV4 addresses through web scraping robots, PSN network filters, and IPV4 addresses. We will review some of the top-performing alternatives to PSN resolvers, including the best PS4 IP sniffers and IP pullers available in the market.

1. Wannabe 1337

The PS4 resolver web tool provides gamers with a simple method of retrieving other players’ information by inputting their username or Gamertag and receiving their IP address (PSN to IP). Additionally, reverse searching is available, allowing for the retrieval of Gamertags or usernames from gamers’ IPs (IP to PSN).

To function correctly, the IP grabber software tool utilizes various features, such as DDoS protection, dynamic packet filters, and a robust algorithm for identification and network packet analysis.

2. Bootyou.net

Boot You is a subscription-based, multifunctional tool of the PS4 Resolver. To use this premium PSN resolver, you must first sign up, log in, and purchase a membership plan. The tool’s user-friendly UI and 24/7 customer support make it easy to use and troubleshoot any issues.

Boot You works similarly to most IP pullers by utilizing advanced algorithms to retrieve a gamer’s IP address and username through network packet analysis and monitoring. This tool is especially potent since it provides crucial opponent information, such as their IP address, internet service provider, geolocation, and city. This data allows you to differentiate between human and bot opponents before gameplay.

3. Octosniff

Octosniff comes with advanced and powerful packet filters to make it very easy to use and work with. Finding the games without any worries or if any update is required. Its advanced filters let the user determine the packets automatically without any mess. You can know easily which packet is coming from which game and which one is being fetched from the Xbox chat or from the Server IP of the game.

4. ConsoleSniffer

ConsoleSniffer lets you know about the other players and gives all their information including their physical GEO location as well. ConsoleSniffer is fully compatible with PS4 and Xbox and all the other gaming consoles, allowing gamers to combat other players.

This tool has really exciting and powerful features that make it one of the best Xbox IP pullers.

5. Lanc PCPS

Lanc PCPS is an excellent PS4 Resolver for PlayStation games that allows you to submit a username or Gamertag to obtain an opponent’s IP address from its database. Its powerful features include a geolocation IP lookup, which identifies an opponent’s current country and city.

One notable advantage of Lanc PCPS over other PS4 resolvers is that it can function both online and offline, while others only operate online. The tool includes built-in ARP spoofing and packet filtering features that assist in retrieving other individuals’ IP addresses. Additionally, it offers both free and premium packages, allowing new users to select a free plan and download the software.

6. PlayStation Resolver

The PlayStation Resolver is another suitable PS4 Resolver that works similarly to a PSN resolver by retrieving PS4 gamers’ IP addresses and geolocation like other IP pullers.

It uses AI engines, web scraping robots, and IPv4 or Gamertags to retrieve opponent gamer information, providing powerful features for users.

The tool is user-friendly, easy to set up and use, and includes a user guide to facilitate usage if you encounter any difficulties.

Paid IP Sniffers

As discussed above a network IP sniffer refers to a specialized tool that can be software-based or hardware-based, which functions by monitoring and capturing the IP packets transmitted across a network. After conducting research, we have compiled a list of well-known, paid IP sniffer tools for your reference.

1. PRTG IP Sniffer

PRTG, developed by Paessler, is a widely used network monitoring tool that offers a comprehensive range of features beyond traditional sniffing capabilities.

PRTG’s monitoring methodology centers around sensors that can be deployed throughout the network to gauge various metrics such as CPU load, disk space, bandwidth, and more. These sensors can then be easily managed from a centralized dashboard, similar to small network alarms that alert the administrator to any issues.

PRTG’s innovative sensor-based approach is appealing and offers a unique monitoring experience. Additionally, the software allows users to utilize up to 100 sensors for free during a 30-day trial period before transitioning to a limited free version. One such sensor is the Packet Sniffer Sensor which utilizes an internal packet sniffer to capture only the packet headers of data packets traversing the network card.

2. Solarwinds Deep Packet Inspection

SolarWinds is a leading provider of network monitoring and management tools that caters to a wide range of IT infrastructure management tasks such as monitoring, analysis, and more. Among their various offerings, the SolarWinds Deep Packet Inspection tool is particularly noteworthy for its ability to identify data bottlenecks across complex networks.

The tool presents all relevant information through an intuitive graphical user interface that is easy to understand and interpret, making it a top choice for users seeking comprehensive network performance insights.

Out of the box, SolarWinds supports the analysis of network traffic for over 1200 applications including Skype, SQL Server, Social Media, and Web Traffic.

The Deep Packet Inspection tool categorizes traffic, allowing businesses to identify and manage non-business related traffic such as excessive social media use through measures like rate limiting and traffic blocking.

3. Manage Engine Netflow Analyzer

This real-time network analysis tool offers an attractive graphical interface that displays traffic data across a network. Built upon packet flow technologies, it supports a range of protocols including Cisco’s NetFlow, Juniper’s JFlow, sFlow, IPFix, AppFlow, and NetStream.

With these technologies in place, the software is well-suited for users who require real-time visualization and the ability to drill down into network details to uncover potential issues. The tool supports major hardware vendors like Cisco and HP and displays data from all supported hardware devices that utilize Flow technology.

With color-coded pie charts and summarized information available on a single screen, this software is an excellent choice for professional network administrators seeking an easy way to identify network problems.

The Manage Engine Tool functions as a collector to capture flow traffic from network devices such as routers and switches, as well as any other device that sends flow data. As a result, it can monitor bandwidth usage, application usage, and security, among other functions.

4. LiveAction Omnipeek

This network analyzer is a powerful tool for professionals looking to view network congestion, identify issues, and solve problems related to Wi-Fi speed, among others.

Although it is not free, it provides an intuitive way to visualize data flow in both wired and wireless networks, making it an excellent choice for modern networks where wireless connections are prevalent.

The tool also provides troubleshooting and monitoring capabilities for voice and video traffic, and end-user devices, and can decode over 1000 protocols. In addition, there is an appliance option called LiveCapture, which enables the distribution of network monitoring and collection across remote sites and branches.

5. Steelcentral Packet Analyzer

This tool boasts an attractive and user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of diagnosing network problems and bottlenecks. Moreover, it offers a set of preset analysis views that allow users to easily identify a range of issues presented in an attractive and readable manner.

With its efficient data collection and presentation, SteelCentral Packet Analyzer simplifies the task of diagnosing issues on large business networks. It has been designed specifically to speed up the job for network administrators, providing them with a powerful tool to diagnose and troubleshoot network problems.

6. Capsa

Capsa is a network analysis tool with many features that make it stand out among its competitors, although it is not cheap. It is specifically designed for enterprise environments and can handle large-scale operations, displaying information in a clear and easy-to-read format on a dashboard.

Capsa is comprehensive in that it supports over 1800 network protocols, and it can monitor networks around the clock, capturing real-time data from multiple networks. It can also capture instant messaging and email traffic, which is beneficial for network administrators to identify policy breaches in a business environment.


How can I avoid having my Gamertag and IP address crawled?

There are a couple of methods to prevent your Gamertag and the IP address from being crawled. Firstly, you could pay xResolver a fee to remove your username and Gamertag from their databases. Alternatively, you could use a VPN to conceal your actual IP address and Gamertag.

What steps can you take to avoid DDoS attacks through your IP address?

To prevent others from launching DDoS attacks through your IP address while gaming online, one effective solution is to use a VPN. By using a VPN, you can hide your real IP address and instead use a different IP address that is provided by the VPN service. This can help secure your online gaming experience and prevent any potential DDoS attacks that may be launched through your IP address.


Having the best PS4 IP Sniffers and IP Pullers can significantly enhance your gaming experience by allowing you to retrieve essential opponent information such as IP address, geolocation, and internet service provider.

Among the best options available are PSN Resolver, Boot You, and Lanc PCPS, each with unique features and advantages. It is important to note that the use of these tools must be within ethical and legal boundaries. Using them to engage in malicious activities is prohibited and can result in severe consequences.

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