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Useful Netflix Tips And Hacks You Need To Know About

by Mubi 

Useful Netflix Tips And Hacks You Need To Know About

Netflix is one of the world’s most popular streaming platforms, and it’s not hard to see why. The platform holds thousands of films and television series, and regularly uploads new content. In addition to adult movies and programmes, Netflix has a dedicated children’s section.

As one might expect from a platform that’s used by millions of people, there are tips and tricks that can be implemented in order to improve one’s viewing experience. This article will detail some of these, and explain a few useful hacks that you need to know about:

Region Locked Content

Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions, a person in the United States cannot access the same content as a person in the United Kingdom. With that said, it’s still possible to bypass Netflix’s region locks by utilising a VPN. You must do your research in order to find the right VPN. What the best VPN for New Jersey is might not be ideal for people in London or Paris. When you bypass Netflix’s regional locks, you are instantly given access to thousands more television programmes and films. This is perfect for people who travel a lot, especially to countries that forbid Netflix’s use.

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Restricted Content

Some countries unfortunately forbid Netflix’s use. People in China, for example, are unable to access Netflix. This can be very annoying, especially for foreigners vacationing in China who want to watch their favourite films and television programmes. Thankfully, armed with a VPN, it’s possible for people to still watch Netflix, even in countries where the platform is banned. If you are going to use a VPN to bypass regional platform restrictions, it’s crucial that you are discreet. Using a VPN to bypass government-imposed restrictions is punishable by law in some countries.

Subscription Tiers

Something many Netflix users are unaware of is the platform’s subscription tiers. There are five levels. Each level comes with its own benefits, some being better than others. Netflix’s most expensive subscription tier unquestionably comes with the most amount of benefits. If you’re going to subscribe to Netflix, then consider these different tiers instead of going for the platform’s standard subscription level, which is the most common. The highest tier is not that much more expensive than the platform’s lowest level. The higher the tier, the more users that can share your account, so it actually works out cheaper, in the long run, to invest in a single, high-tiered account, than several standard level accounts.

Personalised Profiles

As just mentioned, you can share your account with other people. Each person who uses your account has their own profile. Netflix gives users the option to customise their profiles. Make sure to customise yours, so that the content suggested to you is tailored to what you enjoy. Personalised profiles make finding content much easier, especially for people who are reluctant to search through Netflix’s huge content library. Searching through it can be disorientating because of how much is on offer. With a personalised account, you won’t need to search and instead will have content suggested directly to you.

Continue Watching

Another thing that many Netflix users are unaware of is the continued watching list. This list is a list of all of the content that you have started watching but finished halfway through. Many people when returning to the platform after a break to continue watching content they have half-finished will search for the film or television program again, scanning through Netflix’s catalog. This is unnecessary. One needs only find one’s way to the continue watching list, and there it is possible, with a single click, to continue watching anything you have turned off midway through.

Offline Watching

Another hidden feature many Netflix users are unaware of is offline watching. Netflix gives users the ability to download content so that they can watch it on the go. This is perfect for people who are traveling somewhere that doesn’t have an internet connection. If you are going on a road trip or are flying abroad and have a series that you want to binge on, you can download the entire series to your account, and watch it wherever you are, regardless of internet connectivity.

Netflix Codes

Netflix has thousands of films and television series. Sometimes, finding films can be difficult because there’s so much to choose from. The platform, to counter this, has access codes, which when typed in, bring up all films that are part of a specific genre. For example, action-comedy movies are code 43040. There are lots of websites available online that have catalogs detailing every single one of Netflix’s access codes. If you have a specific genre that you’re interested in, then it’s definitely worth seeing if there’s an access code for the genre available to you online.

Video Quality

If you think that the film or program that you’re watching isn’t a desirable quality, you should be able to pause the video and adjust the video’s quality. Netflix has a range of different video qualities available. If you buy a higher-tier subscription, then you should have access to the highest quality videos. If you have a basic tier subscription, you will only be able to access the bottom-level video qualities. Some older movies and programs may have a bad quality that can’t be adjusted, simply because of their age, which is something to keep in mind.

Account Language

If you’re not a native English speaker, then you can still use Netflix. Many people wrongly believe that because they can’t speak English well, they can’t use Netflix. Netflix gives users the option to change the language on their accounts. It also gives users the option to add subtitles from a vast array of languages to their videos, allowing them to follow along even if the film isn’t in their native tongue. Adjusting one’s account language is very easy. One needs only visit the account settings page and adjust one’s language preferences accordingly.

If you are a regular Netflix user, then you will probably know most of these tips. If you don’t, then you might be surprised to learn about some of them! Netflix is a very popular platform with a wide range of content. It has something for everybody. There are many other hacks and tips to be learned, but this article features the most popular and useful.

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