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Dendroid RAT Download – Powerful HTTP APK Binder

by Mubi 

Dendroid RAT Download

Dendroid RAT download and take control of remote Android devices easily without even getting noticed. 

Dendroid is one of the emerging and most popular android RAT (remote administration tool). It’s a piece of tool coded for malicious unauthorized activity usually used by the cyber criminals to take over the remote devices. Dendroid generates a backdoor and binds it with other apps to take over a android devices by avoiding any chance of getting noticed. Once it’s installed, it connects back to the server over HTTP access layer and grant the attacker full control of the device, and attacker can execute any malicious action on the connected device.

Initially, dendroid was developed, designed and introduced as an Android remote administration tool to remotely control the android devices for a price of $300. As a buyer made the payment to buy the product, he receives complete package containing APK Binder, Client Application and other required programs in it. APK Binder creates an Android malicious APK backdoor for android. Moreover it can bind this backdoor with any other application so the target won’t even get suspicious.

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Explore the some of the main features of Dendroid

  • make calls to phone numbers
  • reading call logs
  • recording audio through mic remotely
  • intercepting text messages
  • recording calls
  • browsing files
  • remote cam to capture photos and videos
  • opening Web pages and browse history
  • opening apps
  • remotely DDoS attacks for a period of time specified by the attacker.

There’s plenty of other features you can explore with Dendroid.

Dendroid RAT Download Free

Click here to download Dendroid RAT.


About the author 

Mubi Ace

December 28, 2023

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