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“Safeguarding Your Social Space”: How To Make A Twitter Account Private?

by Mubi 

How to make a Twitter account private?

In this digital age, creating a private Twitter account is a strategic move for people who value online privacy. Safeguarding your online presence is crucial, so keep reading to learn how to make a Twitter account private.

People can share their thoughts, moments, and opinions with the world with a button. If they need control over viewing and interacting with people on Twitter, they must know how to make Twitter private.

When you learn how to make your Twitter account private, you hide your tweets from the general public. At the same time, only approved followers can assess your shared content. It can be particularly beneficial when you share personal thoughts, updates, and photos with a selected group.

Learning how to set your Twitter account to private will help to keep your online presence more exclusive. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn how to ensure your Twitter account is as private as you want.

Here, you will have a precise understanding of how to make a private Twitter account and control who follows you to enhance your online privacy. You may choose the people you want to be in your virtual circle. Keep reading to customize your Twitter experience to enjoy a more controlled and private social media presence.

Can you make your Twitter account private?

Yes, you can make your Twitter account private and interact with selected people. You may control who can see your Tweets by setting your Twitter account private. This way, you may hide your content from the general public, and only approved followers can access you.

The added layer of privacy is valuable when you want to share personal thoughts, updates, and photos with the selected group. You may choose a group of friends and family and keep your online presence exclusive.

Understand Twitter privacy settings

Before diving into the steps to make my Twitter private, we must understand some key concepts regarding Twitter privacy settings. Twitter offers various privacy settings and features that allow users to control the visibility of their content and interactions on the platform.

Default Twitter private settings

When you sign up for your Twitter account, it is essential to understand the default privacy settings. By following default settings, your Twitter account is public. It means anyone on this platform can see your tweets and even can follow you without any restriction. Understanding the fundamentals will help you to decide to make your account private.

Public vs. private Twitter account

Twitter offers two primary types of accounts: one is public, and the other is private. A public account will allow anyone to follow and engage with your content. On the other hand, a private account will restrict your tweets so that only those people may view who you approve to follow you.

You have the right to control the people who may see your tweets and interact with your profile.

Enhanced privacy features

You can accept or decline a follower’s request, giving all-over control. Secondly, you also have control over direct messages and permission who may tag you in your photos.

Moreover, Twitter has features that allow users to block and mute people. Blocking someone will prevent someone from following you or interacting with your content. On the other hand, muting will enable you to hide other user’s tweets and notifications without unfollowing or blocking them.

All these privacy features empower users to enhance their Twitter experience and protect themselves from harmful interactions. Understand and utilize these privacy settings to tailor the Twitter experience and maintain privacy preferences.

How to make Twitter private?

Let’s get into the core of transforming your Twitter account from public to private. Making your Twitter account private is a straightforward process, assuring robust control over the tweets and interactions with people. Here, we will guide you on how to make a Twitter account private.

How to make Twitter private?

  • Log into your Twitter account
  • Access your Twitter settings
  • Navigate to privacy and safety
  • Protect your tweets
  • Confirm your decision
  • Review and manage your follower requests
  • Engagement controls

Log into your Twitter account

Create a Twitter account if you do not already have one. If you are new to Twitter, the foremost step is creating an account.

Start by opening a web browser and visiting the Twitter website. Log into your Twitter account using your username, email, phone number, and password. Remember to choose a strong password that will protect your account from any unauthorized access.

Click on the “sign up” button once you have entered your information. Follow the prompts to complete your profile by providing a picture and personal information.

Access your Twitter settings

After logging in, you will be on your Twitter home page. Click on your profile picture, which will appear on the right corner of the screen. The click will display a dropdown menu. One may select the “Settings and Privacy” option from the menu.

Navigate to privacy and safety

In the “Settings and Privacy” section, you can see a menu on the left-hand side. Click on “Privacy and Safety” from the menu. Now, you are at the place where you may adjust various privacy-related settings according to your preferences. Within the section, you may even look for “adding and tagging.”

Protect your tweets

Under the “privacy and safety” section, find the option of “protect your tweets.” It would be the first option under the “Tweets” subheading. To make the Twitter account private, click on the toggle switch right next to “Protect your tweets” and turn it on.

Confirm your decision

After turning on the “protect your tweets” option, Twitter will prompt you to confirm your choice. Enabling it will protect your tweets, which means only approved followers will see them. Hence, ensure your decision by clicking on “Protect.”

Review and manage your follower requests

Now, your Twitter account is all set to private, and if someone needs to follow you, they need your approval. You will receive follower requests and have the option of accepting or declining. To manage the follower requests, click the “Follower requests” tab on your profile page.

Engagement controls

You may also have engagement control, which means only approved followers can engage with your tweets, retweet, or like them if someone wants to share your tweet with their followers unless you agree to their request to follow you.

Although retweets and mentions from public accounts can appear on your profile, your tweets will be private for them.

After following all these given steps, your account is now private, and only approved followers can see your tweets. Existing followers may still have access to your account, but new followers need your permission.

How do you manage your pirate Twitter account?

After learning to make a Twitter account private, you have secured your content from unwanted people, but the work does not stop here. It is imperative to understand how to manage your private account effectively.

  • Regular privacy checkups
  • Manage follower requests
  • Review your tweets
  • Direct Messages (DMs)
  • Stay safe and private
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Blocking and muting
  • Review and update settings
  • Going public again
  • Stay proactive

Regular privacy checkups

Online privacy is an ongoing concern, which we need to check regularly. Check settings to ensure that all the options align with your privacy preferences. Twitter periodically update its policies and settings, too, so one should stay informed and up-to-date for better outcome.

Manage follower requests

With a private Twitter account, one has a total grip on the followers. When someone wants to follow you, you will get a notification and have the right to approve or decline these requests.

To manage the requests, click the “follower requests” tab on your profile page. It will help you to curate your list of followers and ensure you grant access to people you want to share your tweets with.

Review your tweets

After making a private account on Twitter, you can still tweet like usual. However, only your approved followers can see your tweets. Review your tweets continuously to ensure they align with your desired privacy level.

In a private account, your tweets are no longer visible to the general public, and only your followers can see them.

Direct Messages (DMs)

One may receive direct messages from anyone, even with a private account, regardless of whether they follow you. It is essential to manage your DM requests and be cautious while interacting with users you do not know.

Stay safe and private

Strive to enhance your online safety and privacy. Be cautious about the information you share in your profile and tweets. Always focus on mindful sharing and avoid providing sensitive personal information.

Two-factor authentication

Use a solid and unique password for your Twitter account. Moreover, it enables two-factor authentication for an extended level of security. This extra layer of protection will make you provide a second verification step. It makes you receive a code on your mobile device when logging in. It will significantly enhance your account’s privacy.

Blocking and muting

If you encounter unwanted interactions on Twitter, utilize the “Block” and “Mute” features. Blocking a user will prevent them from following you or interacting with the shared content with you.

Whereas muting a user hides their tweets and notifications from your timeline, you can do it without unfollowing or blocking them.

Review and update settings

Regularly update your privacy settings, as your needs and preferences may change. Twitter also introduced new features and options for users. Stay informed about recent changes, which will help you to maintain the level of privacy you look for.

Going public again

If you change your mind and want to publicize your Twitter account again, you may revisit your privacy settings. Uncheck your “Protect your tweets” option. Remember that your past private tweets will be visible to those who had access when your account was private.

Stay proactive

Regularly review and update your privacy settings as per your needs and preferences. Twitter may also introduce new features for its users. Stay informed about these changes, which helps maintain privacy and choices.

Regularly manage your follower requests, tweets, and privacy settings, which can effectively maintain and make the most of your private Twitter account. Make sure your online interactions align with your desired level of privacy.

Privacy best practices

Protecting your privacy on Twitter is necessary in the age of social media. On such platforms as Twitter, people usually share their personal information widely. Learning how to make your Twitter account private will secure your privacy on social media.

  • Be cautious with personal information.
  • Secure your password
  • Review third-party apps
  • Be selective with followers
  • Prefer private conversation
  • Stay informed

Be cautious with personal information

Be mindful of the personal information you share on social media platforms. Refrain from disclosing your home address, financial information, or contact details in your tweets. Exercise discretion, as even on private accounts, your followers can still see your tweets.

Secure your password

Ensure you use a solid and unique password for your Twitter account. A strong password may include upper and lower case letters, symbols, and numbers. Refrain from using guessable passwords. Moreover, it would be a good practice to change passwords regularly.

Review third-party apps

Review and reverse access to third-party apps connected to your Twitter account. Some third-party apps have access to your tweets and data. Trust only authorized, reputable, and trusted applications.

Be selective with followers

Be careful about the people you allow to follow you. Private accounts offer more control, and screening your followers may provide additional security. We suggest you accept requests only from people you know well or can trust them.

Prefer private conversation

If you need to have any private conversation, we suggest you utilize Twitter Direct Messages (DMs). However, by using a personal account, the users who don’t follow you can not send you DMs.

Be selective in responding to such messages, especially if you are unaware of them or they come from unknown sources.

Stay informed

Be aware of frequent updates and privacy settings features and adjust your settings accordingly. Review your security preferences and align them with your evolving needs and preferences.

Implementing best practices will hone your privacy on Twitter, and you will enjoy a more secure online experience. Staying vigilant and proactive regarding online privacy will ensure a controlled online experience essential in today’s digital landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you make your Twitter account private?

Yes, you can make your Twitter account private by enabling “protect your tweets” in your account settings. It will restrict your tweets to be visible to approved followers while providing greater control over access to your content. 

How to make a private account on Twitter?

One may create a private account on Twitter by following these steps:

  • Go to your Twitter settings.
  • Click “privacy and safety.”
  • Enable “protect your tweets” to make the account private.

How do I change my Twitter username?

One may change their Twitter username by going to account settings and editing it. However, your old username would be available for others to use.

How can I make my Twitter account more secure?

You may enhance your Twitter account privacy by enabling two-factor authentication. Use strong and unique passwords, and regularly review third-party app access in your settings.

How do I protect my privacy on Twitter?

You may protect your privacy on Twitter by making the account private, using strong privacy settings, and being careful about sharing personal information.

How to make Twitter private?


It is essential to know how to make a Twitter account private. It is vital to take control of your online privacy, and making Twitter private is a fundamental step in safeguarding your personal information.

How to make Twitter private will ensure you enhance your online privacy and curate your Twitter experience according to your preferences. Specific privacy settings can make it a private and secure platform for sharing your content.

If you are thinking about how to make a Twitter account private, you need to manage your follower requests, tweets, and privacy settings. You may effectively preserve and make the most of your personal Twitter account. Make your online interactions align with your desired level of privacy and security.

A digital footprint can have far-reaching consequences, which are pivotal to taking control of your online privacy. How to make a Twitter account private is a fundamental step in protecting your personal information and sharing your thoughts with a particular audience.

Following the outlined steps in this guide and keeping up with best practices will make you enjoy the benefits of social media. You may also maintain the security you desire and preferences. Make your online presence calculated and drive out of it.

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