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PSN Resolver Free Download – PlayStation Resolver IP Puller

by Mubi 

PSN Resolver - PlayStation Resolver - PS4 Resolver - PlayStation IP Puller

Download the Best PSN Resolver and resolve the IP address of the PlayStation players with this PlayStation Resolver. 

When it comes to PSN or PS4 resolver, this tool leads the race and proves to be one of the best PSN and PlayStation resolvers. It lets the users find other party users through associated IP addresses, and vice versa finds the IP address of a username, and makes sure to identify which packets are coming from that specific user.

About PSN Resolver

PSN resolvers are the tools that convert the PSN and PlayStation player usernames to IP addresses and from IP addresses to usernames. It works on the same principle as the DNS, where each domain runs on a specific IP address translated by the internet browser. The PSN resolver has a central database server with all the PSN usernames access, but the company doesn’t let others access this private information from the database. So, it makes it impossible for some usernames to resolve.

To understand if it’s working, assume the DNS (Domain Name System) is working. Whenever a user tries opening up a website in their internet browser, the DNS resolver is contacted and grabs the IP address of that specific domain you requested. DNS resolver is a decentralized system in which, each time resolver accesses the server for the requested address and sends it back to the browser in response.

The DNS resolver connected to your machine is chosen automatically by your Internet Service Provider. We can also configure these DNS network provider settings on our own if we want to. These settings can be configured in the Network settings.


In order to get started with a PSN resolver, you need to meet the following requirements.

  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2
  • Install C++ Redistributable Package 2010
  • Nmap Packet Capture
  • Stable Internet connection

Once you have installed all the required tools, make some network configurations. We need to deactivate IPv6 (Internet Protocol v6). To do so, go to Settings >> Network Internet and click on Change Network Adapter Options button.

Right-click on the Active Internet Connection and scroll the list down to find the IPv6 option. It will be checked by default. Just uncheck it and hit the OK button to save the changes. Now restart the machine and download the PSN resolver from the download section below.

After downloading, unzip it and run the PSN resolver.exe.

After running it, you will land into its GUI (Graphical User Interface) window. In this window, select your Network Adapter and check the ARP Spoofing option and Filter.

Now move onto your console’s Settings >> Network Settings, note down the IP address, and put it back onto the ARP Spoofing window in PSN resolver. Do not forget the open ports for the best results. Fill in the source IP in the console settings and configure Port 9307 for PlayStation and 3074 for Xbox. And the front address will be the default gateway. Make sure to verify all the settings.

Create or join the party on your console, and once anybody joins the party, click on Start, and you will notice the IP addresses coming through under the Connections Tab. Check the IP which is forwarded to the Port we opened. It will show the live PSN or Xbox service.

As you find the IP address, you can use the IP Multi Tool tab on the PSN resolver to ping and find open ports on any specific IP or find more information about the IP address. Also, you can turn a player offline via a DDoS attack.

How to Pull IPs Using Free PSN Resolver

HOW YOU CAN PULL IPS ON PS4 & XBOX ONE (Educational Only, do not do this)

  1. Go to psnresolver.com and enter the PSN name you want to resolve in the search bar
  2. Click on the “resolve” button
  3. A page with the IP address will appear, copy it and use it as you wish!

Download PSN Resolver – PlayStation Resolver IP Puller

Click here to download and start resolving the IP address and take advantage over the other gamers.

You can also try another powerful Octosniff Xbox Resolver tool to get the Xbox players’ IP.

Top 6 Alternatives of PSN Resolver

 Image Source: Tabnine
Image Source: Tabnine

Using a PSN resolver, you can access your opponents’ information and verify their true identity, which is a useful tool for gaming. This article has compiled a list of the top 6 alternative PS4 resolvers similar to PSN resolvers.

Playstation Resolver

This PS4 resolver is one of the several similar to the PSN resolver, specializing in resolving username IP addresses. Gamers can use this tool to obtain their opponents’ IP addresses, geolocation, and usernames by using their IPv4 or Gamertag. With proprietary AI engines and bots, PlayStation Resolver scours the web for relevant player information. As a resolver feature, setting up and utilizing this tool is simple. Detailed installation instructions can be found in their guides and tutorials.

Console Sniffer

Console Sniffer is worth considering, if you’re searching for a dependable IP grabber similar to a PSN resolver. This tool comes equipped with a variety of network packet filters, algorithms, and web scraping bots that make retrieving IP, username, and geolocation information a simple task. It’s important to note that Console Sniffer only works with select games, particularly those where your opponent is also using a PS4.

Finally, downloading and installing the tool is straightforward. If you run into any issues during setup, be sure to consult their installation guide for assistance.


Lanc PCPS is a PS4 resolver that offers powerful features for retrieving player usernames and IP addresses. Unlike most online-only PS4 resolvers, Lanc PCPS is a downloadable software that can be used both online and offline, and it’s easy to install. If you need further assistance during the setup process, be sure to consult their setup guide.

Lanc PCPS includes built-in ARP spoofing and packet filtering functions for efficient IP pulling. Additionally, it features a geolocation IP lookup tool that allows users to easily identify their opponents’ country and city of residence. The tool offers both free and premium plans, so users can choose the free plan to get started and later upgrade to the premium plan for more features.


Octosniff is a powerful PS4 resolver that shares similarities with the PSN resolver. Its proprietary artificial intelligence system and algorithms enable simple network analysis and monitoring, quickly identifying gamer IP addresses, usernames, and geolocations.

The tool has dynamic packet filters, custom packet filters, and a customizable user interface, among other impressive features. Despite being a premium PS4 resolver, Octosniff is cheaper than other IP-grabbing tools. The tool offers free trials, so users can try it out with peace of mind before purchasing.


Bootyou is a subscription-based alternative to PSN Resolver, available for a premium. To use the PSN parser tool, you must purchase a membership plan. Like many IP pullers, Bootyou employs sophisticated algorithms to retrieve a gamer’s IP address and username by monitoring and analyzing network packets.

This feature makes it effortless to identify your PSN gaming opponents before gameplay. In addition to gamer IP identification, the tool also provides information about opponents’ geolocation, ISP, and city. This makes it easy to identify and verify opponents before gameplay.

Wannabe 1337

It is a PS4 resolver that enables gamers to access other players’ IPs by entering their Gamertag or username. Additionally, users can perform a reverse search by entering another player’s IP to obtain their username or Gamertag.

The IP grabber software employs a combination of dynamic and custom packet filters, DDoS protection features, and a powerful algorithm for network packet analysis and identification. Starting with Wannabe 1337 is simple, and if you encounter any issues during the process, you can refer to their installation guide for help.

PSN Resolver FAQs

What does PSN Resolver do?

PSN Resolver allows you to resolve or convert PlayStation Network IDs to IP addresses. This can be useful for several reasons, such as:

– Allowing you to connect to PSN players on a specific server (e.g., US West)

– Finding the IP address of another player so you can directly connect to them (useful for playing games that don’t have to matchmake or for connecting to friends outside of your region)

– Helping you troubleshoot connection issues

To use PSN Resolver, enter a PSN ID in the above search box and click “Resolve!”

Can You Look Someone Up by Their Gamertag?

Yes, you can look up someone’s Gamertag to find their profile and see their stats and accomplishments.

Can you get someone’s IP from PSN?

Yes, a PSN IP Resolver is the easiest way to find a PlayStation gamer’s IP address. All you need is their Gamertag or username, and this will return the user’s current connection information in seconds!

Is PSN Resolver Illegal?

PSN resolvers are legal in most jurisdictions. However, there are a few places where they are considered illegal. One notable example is the United Kingdom, where PSN resolvers are considered illegal under the Computer Misuse Act of 1990. If you use a PSN resolver in the UK, you could be prosecuted and face up to two years in prison. Therefore, checking the laws in your jurisdiction before using a PSN resolver is advisable.

What are the ports for PSN?

There are three primary ports that are used for PSN: 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS), and 3478 (UDP). Port 80 is used for unencrypted communication, while port 443 is used for encrypted communication. Port 3478 is used for UDP datagrams, which are generally used for NAT traversal purposes.


Identifying a gamer and their IP on PS4 proves relatively straightforward, given their distinctive PS4 ID and Gamertag. However, many users remain unaware of the rising cybercrimes and scams targeting the platform. To assist inexperienced and interested users, we’ve explored various aspects of IP tracking. It’s vital to recognize that hackers and cybercriminals can wreak havoc in the gaming industry once they obtain your IP address.

To protect their IP address on PS4, gamers should take measures such as using a VPN. A trustworthy and secure gaming VPN is one of the best ways to hide your IP address on PS4 and safeguard your PS4 usage.

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