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How to Hack Android Phone with Androrat – Android Hacking

by Mubi 

How to Hack Android Phone Remotely with Androrat - Androrat Tutorial - Android RAT

Learn how to hack Android phone remotely with Androrat and take over all the confidential information without even touching it.

Smartphones have become an important tech for most of the people as it had taken over the computers and moved all the businesses needs on the go. But anybody ever thought it also raised the threats to the privacy of people and their confidential information. People use it for conversations with their loved ones and even to share business confidential data which can put the person in risk if data gets in the wrong hand. I hope this thought never knocked at the door. That’s the reason we are writing this article to demonstrate how a smarphone can be hacked so easily without even touching it from a remote location. Attacker can perform all the functions like spying on the chats, social networks, hear the calls, spy through video and mic.

We are sharing this tutorial just for the security researcher and learners to know how easily it can get hacked. If you are a parent, you might wanted to check if your child is on the right track over the internet and isn’t involved in any wrong and illegal activity, well you can do that also. Learn how to hack a smartphone remotely using Androrat.

Note: This tutorial is only for educational purpose.

So, how to hack Android phone remotely with Androrat?

We are just focusing on the Androrat method to hack a smartphone in this tutorial.


In order to get started to hack an Android phone, you need the following required things:

  1. Windows PC with Java Installed
  2. Androrat (Android Remote Administration Tool)
  3. Dynamic IP (noip.com host)
  4. DUC (noip.com client)
  5. A Target

Steps to Hack Android Phone with Androrat

  1. Download JAVA from the Oracle website and install in on your PC.
  2. Download Androrat.
  3. Before opening up the Androrat, we need a dynamic IP/hostname. To get one, goto noip.com for free dynamic IP. As you signup, click on the Add Host button and put any desired name in it and Save Host.
  4. Once the dynamic host is created, download DUC.
  5. After the dynamic IP and DUC setup, here comes a bit tricky step of port forwarding. Means we need to open the open from our router’s settings. In order to do that we need to access the gateway IP. To do that just goto Start >> Run and type cmd.
  6. As Command Prompt window opens, type the ipconfig and hit enter to execute it. It will display all the network IP including the gateway IP. Copy that displayed gateway IP and paste it in your web browser.
  7. As you enter it, browser will prompt up for username and password, you can find your router’s user and it’s pass under the router. If it’s not mentioned beneath there, try the admin and password which is the default one for most of the devices.
  8. As you enter in username and password, you’ll land on router settings page. Navigate to Port Forwarding option. Click on Add a Port and enter port 1337 and save. Do it again for the port 1334.
  9. Now move back to the downloaded Androrat directory. Open up the file named as Androrat Binder and in the Host field, enter port number 1337 and enter any name you want. If you want this app to run in Stealth mode, check the hidden box and click on the Go button to generate the APK.
  10. As an APK is created, close the Androrat Binder and spread this APK to the victim through any convenient means.
  11. Now open up the Androrat java GUI program and once anybody installs your sent APK, he/she will appear up on this client window. To perform a specific task on a target, click on the victim and Client Actions will appear up, from where you can do whatever you want to do on that target device.

That’s all. Hope you learnt how to hack Android phone remotely with Androrat. If you didn’t get anything clear, watch the following video tutorial.

How to Hack Android Phone with Androrat – Video Demonstration

About the author 

Mubi Ace

December 28, 2023

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