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Effective Methods On How To Block Snapchat Easily

by Mubi 

How To Block Snapchat

Learn how to block Snapchat through this ultimate guide to control and limit access on your devices effortlessly. Learn simple, foolproof techniques to block Snapchat, safeguard your privacy, and manage screen time effectively

In today’s digital age, where connectivity reigns supreme, understanding how to manage and control your social media interactions is crucial. Snapchat, with its unique ephemeral messaging and captivating features, has surged in popularity among users of all ages. However, for various reasons, individuals might seek ways to block or limit access to this platform. This comprehensive guide aims to provide effective methods of how to block Snapchat effortlessly across different devices – iPhone, iPad, Android – using built-in settings or third-party applications.

Additionally, it delves into the nuances of blocking friends, managing AI interactions, safeguarding against inappropriate content, hiding one’s Snapchat score, blocking calls, concealing stories, and much more. Whether it’s controlling access or enhancing privacy, discover a plethora of tips and step-by-step instructions to navigate and master Snapchat’s privacy settings.

Why is Snapchat so popular?

how to block snapchat

Snapchat is super popular because it’s all about fun and instant sharing.

  • You get to send quick pics and videos to your pals, and they disappear after they’re seen. It’s like a cool secret club where you share moments without leaving a trace.
  • The app’s filters and lenses jazz up your snaps, making them hilarious or super cute. Who doesn’t love trying on funny hats or turning into a puppy with just a tap?
  • Snapchat’s Stories feature is a big hit! You can post snaps in a story for all your friends to see for 24 hours. It’s like creating your mini-movie or vlog every day.
  • The app constantly drops fresh stuff like new filters, stickers, and challenges. It keeps things exciting and makes you want to come back for more.
  • Privacy matters, right? That’s why Snapchat lets you control who sees your snaps. You decide who gets to view what you send.
  • Snapchat also lets you follow celebrities, brands, and news. It’s a mix of entertainment and staying in the loop.
  • The app’s easy to use. Snap a pic, add a doodle or caption, choose who to send it to, and bam! You’ve shared a moment.

Snapchat’s just plain addictive! It’s quick, creative, and keeps you connected in a fun way. That’s why it’s a total hit!

What are the reasons for considering blocking Snapchat?

Blocking Snapchat might arise due to various reasons.

  • Firstly, it could be to ensure the safety of younger users. The app allows sharing pictures and messages that disappear, which can lead to inappropriate exchanges or exposure to unsuitable content.
  • Another reason is the potential distraction Snapchat poses. Constant notifications and the allure of streaks might interfere with productivity or daily activities. Blocking it helps in maintaining focus and avoiding unnecessary interruptions.
  • Privacy concerns could also prompt the blocking of Snapchat. The app collects user data, including location and contacts, which might raise concerns about sharing or using personal information without consent.
  • Moreover, the addictive nature of Snapchat might warrant its restriction. The urge to constantly check updates or engage with friends on the platform can become a time-consuming habit, affecting other aspects of life.
  • Lastly, controlling screen time and ensuring a balanced use of technology can be a reason for considering blocking Snapchat. Limiting access to the app encourages healthier digital habits, especially for younger users.

In summary, the decision to block Snapchat may stem from concerns regarding safety, distractions, privacy, addiction, and promoting a balanced lifestyle.

How to block Snapchat?

Blocking Snapchat on your device is a simple process. You can restrict access to Snapchat by using built-in features or third-party apps. Here’s how you can do it:

1. On iPhone/iPad

  • Screen time

Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps. Disable Snapchat.

  • App restrictions

Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions > Tap on Snapchat to restrict.

  • Using family sharing

Set up Family Sharing, go to Settings > Screen Time > Family > Add Family Member > Select “Add Child Account” > Choose “Not Now” for Screen Time, but disable Snapchat.

2. On Android

  • Google family link

Install Google Family Link and set up parental controls to block Snapchat.

  • App blocker apps

Utilize third-party apps like AppBlock or Norton Family to restrict Snapchat.

  • Router settings

Access your router settings and use parental controls to block Snapchat by denying access to its servers.

Blocking Snapchat helps in managing screen time and ensuring a safe online environment for youngsters. Remember, combining these methods or using parental control apps can be more effective in keeping Snapchat inaccessible.

How to block Snapchat using third-party applications?

Want to block Snapchat on your device? You can use third-party apps like parental control or app blockers. Here’s how:

1. For Android

  • Family link

Download and set up Google Family Link. Open the app, select your child’s account, tap “Manage Settings,” then “Filters on Google Play,” and pick “Snapchat” to block it.

  • AppBlock – Stay Focused: Install AppBlock from the Google Play Store. Open the app, tap the “+” icon, select “Applications,” choose “Snapchat,” and hit “OK” to block it.

2. For iOS

  • Screen time

Access Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps. Toggle off Snapchat to block it.

  • AppBlock

Grab AppBlock from the App Store. Open it, tap the “+” icon, select “Add Apps,” choose “Snapchat,” and tap “Save” to block it.

General tips

  • Ensure you set a strong PIN or password for these apps to prevent tampering.
  • Regularly check and update your blocking app settings to keep Snapchat blocked.
  • Some apps might require device administrator access on Android or permission on iOS to function properly.

Blocking Snapchat using third-party apps gives you control over app usage and can help manage screen time effectively. Don’t forget to communicate openly with those affected about the restrictions you’ve set up!

How to block Snapchat friends?

Blocking someone on Snapchat is a straightforward way to stop them from contacting you or seeing your snaps. Here’s how you can block a friend:

  • Open Snapchat
  • Swipe to chat
  • Select friend
  • Open profile
  • Gear icon
  • Block
  • Confirm blocking
  • Block confirmed

1. Open Snapchat

Launch the Snapchat app on your phone.

2. Swipe to chat

Swipe right to access your chats.

3. Select friend

Tap on the name of the friend you want to block.

4. Open profile

Click on their profile icon or name at the top of the chat.

5. Gear icon

Look for the gear icon in the top-right corner of their profile.

6. Block

Scroll down in the menu and select “Block” to confirm.

7. Confirm blocking

Snapchat will ask you to confirm your decision. Tap “Block” again.

8. Block confirmed

Once blocked, the friend won’t be able to send you snaps or see your stories.

Remember, blocking someone on Snapchat is reversible. If you change your mind later, you can unblock them following similar steps. However, they won’t get a notification about the block or unblock.

Blocking ensures your peace on the app, so use it whenever needed to manage your interactions and privacy.

How to block AI on Snapchat?

how to block snapchat

If you’re looking to block AI on Snapchat, follow these easy steps to keep unwanted automated interactions at bay.

  • Adjust privacy settings
  • Manage friend requests
  • Report and block suspicious accounts
  • Disable location sharing
  • Be cautious with third-party apps
  • Update your app regularly

1. Adjust privacy settings

Open Snapchat, tap on your profile icon, and then go to “Settings.” Choose “Privacy” and select “Who Can Contact Me.” Here, opt for “My Friends” to limit interactions to people you know.

2. Manage friend requests

Only accept friend requests from individuals you recognize to minimize AI-generated requests. Avoid adding unknown accounts to reduce the chances of encountering AI bots.

3. Report and block suspicious accounts

If you receive unsolicited messages or friend requests from suspicious accounts that seem automated, report and block them immediately. Tap on the profile, select the three dots, and choose “Block” to prevent further communication.

4. Disable location sharing

Limit location sharing to your trusted friends by adjusting location settings within the app. This reduces the chances of AI bots targeting you based on your location.

5. Be cautious with third-party apps

Avoid using third-party apps or services claiming to enhance your Snapchat experience. These might expose you to unwanted AI interactions or spam.

6. Update your app regularly

Keep your Snapchat app updated to access the latest security features and improvements, helping prevent AI-related issues.

By following these steps, you can effectively minimize AI interactions on Snapchat and enjoy a safer, more controlled experience on the platform.

How to block inappropriate content on Snapchat?

Blocking inappropriate content on Snapchat is essential to ensure a safer and more enjoyable experience. Here’s what you can do:

1. Enable privacy settings

  • Change who can send you snaps

Go to settings > Who Can > Send Me Snaps and choose “My Friends” to receive snaps only from people you’ve added.

  • Limit story views

Adjust who can view your stories by going to Settings > View My Story > Custom and select specific friends.

2. Block users

  • Block specific users

Tap and hold a username in Chat, then select “More” > “Block” to prevent them from sending you snaps or seeing your content.

  • Report and block

If someone sends inappropriate content, report and block them by tapping their username, selecting “More” > “Report” > “Block.”

3. Manage discover content

  • Hide or unsubscribe from discover channels

Press and hold on a Discover tile, then choose to hide or unsubscribe to avoid seeing certain content.

4. Explore additional features

  • Enable Safety Features

Utilize Snapchat’s Safety Center for guidance on safety features, reporting, and community guidelines.

  • Use parental controls

If you’re a parent, consider using Snapchat’s parental control settings to manage your child’s account and restrict content.

By adjusting privacy settings, blocking unwanted users, managing Discover content, and exploring safety features, you can effectively block inappropriate content on Snapchat and ensure a safer experience.

How to block calls on Snapchat?

how to block snapchat

Blocking calls on Snapchat is easy and helps you manage your privacy. If someone bothers you with calls or video chats, follow these steps to block them:

  • Open Snapchat
  • Go to chat
  • Select the contact
  • Block or remove
  • Confirm the block
  • Block calls directly
  • Check blocked contacts

1. Open Snapchat

Launch the Snapchat app on your device.

2. Go to chat

Tap on the chat icon at the bottom of the screen to access your chats.

3. Select the contact

Find the person you want to block. Tap and hold their name until a menu appears.

4. Block or remove

Choose “More” and then select “Block” or “Remove Friend.” Blocking prevents them from calling or messaging you.

5. Confirm the block

Snapchat will ask for confirmation. Tap “Block” again to confirm your choice.

6. Block calls directly

If someone calls you and you want to block them, tap the phone icon next to their name in the chat. Then, choose “Block” from the menu.

7. Check blocked contacts

To see your blocked list, go to your profile, tap on “Settings,” then “Privacy,” and finally, “Blocked.” Here, you can manage your blocked contacts.

Blocking someone on Snapchat is a quick way to stop unwanted calls or messages. You can unblock them later if you change your mind. Now, enjoy a more comfortable and private experience on Snapchat!


  1. Why would someone want to block Snapchat?

There could be various reasons, such as parental control concerns for children’s online activities, workplace distractions, or personal choices to limit time spent on social media.

  1. Can I block Snapchat on specific devices only?

Yes, many methods allow selective blocking, such as configuring parental controls on individual devices or using app blockers on particular smartphones or computers.

  1. Are there any privacy concerns while using third-party apps to block Snapchat?

It’s essential to research and use trusted apps from reputable sources to avoid potential privacy issues. Always review app permissions and settings to ensure they align with your privacy preferences.

  1. Can Snapchat be blocked temporarily?

Yes, most blocking methods allow for temporary restrictions. For instance, parental control apps often have scheduling features to set specific times for blocking access to Snapchat.

  1. Will blocking Snapchat affect other apps or internet usage?

Generally, methods used to block Snapchat specifically target that application without affecting other apps or overall internet usage. However, some router-based blocking might impact other services if not configured correctly.

  1. Is it possible to block Snapchat without affecting other social media platforms?

Yes, most blocking methods can target specific applications like Snapchat without affecting other social media platforms. Settings and configurations can be adjusted to block only the desired app.

  1. Can users bypass these blocking methods?

In some cases, tech-savvy users might find ways to bypass restrictions. However, using a combination of multiple blocking methods or regularly updating settings and controls can help maintain effective restrictions.


In conclusion, blocking Snapchat can be achieved through various effective methods, providing peace of mind to parents, guardians, or individuals seeking control over app usage. Employing built-in device settings or utilizing third-party apps, such as parental control software or router configurations, offers diverse approaches to restrict access to Snapchat. Whether it’s setting up app restrictions, utilizing time management tools, or leveraging filtering software, these methods empower users to control and limit Snapchat usage efficiently.

Additionally, communicating openly with individuals regarding the reasons for blocking or restricting access fosters understanding and cooperation. Implementing these strategies allows for a balanced approach to technology usage, promoting a healthier digital lifestyle while ensuring responsible and monitored access to social media platforms like Snapchat.

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